Who is Rory Farquharson – Malia Obama’s British Boyfriend?

Any man can have a woman he can call a girlfriend but how many men can have an ex-first daughter as a significant other? And how many such men can have an Obama offspring as his woman? Well, Rory Farquharson is one man who can lay claim to this prestige. Rory has become a name ringing out from the lips of many people around America after news emerged that he is dating Malia Obama, one of the daughters of former US President, Barrack Obama. As expected, the media and Malia’s fans have become very curious about Rory and where he comes from.

Malia, being a quiet person herself, has never spoken about Rory, but the young man’s history has been dug out by the investigating media and many reports have emerged detailing how he met and fell in love with the former first daughter of the United States. Well, apparently this intrusion into his private life is the prize he has to pay for being linked romantically to one of the most famous American youngsters. If you are connected to a prominent person romantically, you have to get ready to be talked about around media circles whether you like it or not.

Who is Rory Farquharson?

Rory Farquharson was born in 1998. He is the same age with Malia Obama who was born on the 4th of July, 1998. However, the exact day in which Rory was born is not known. A British man, he was born into a wealthy family in Woodbridge, a town in Suffolk, in the United Kingdom.

Sources say his father, identified as Charles Farquharson, is a Chief Risk Officer and Director at Insight Investment Management Limited, an asset management company based in London and which is charged with handling billions of pounds in assets. His mother, Catherine Farquharson, is a certified accountant also in the UK. Rory’s rich family live in a massive six-bedroom home which costs £1.6m and is located in Suffolk. Apart from this, they also another big house in London, sources say.

Reports show that Rory also has ties to the government of the United Kingdom. This is because he is related to Andrew Farquharson, a former aide of Queen Elizabeth II. He is also reported to have taken part in a rugby video which was played at the opening ceremony of the Rugby World Cup in 2015 which also featured an appearance by Prince Harry.

As a rich kid, Rory grew up surrounded by luxury and went to the best schools. For high school, he attended Rugby School which happens to be one of the most prestigious and oldest schools in England where students pay a large sum as school fees. The school is said to cost a massive £11,584 ($14,339) per term.

Rory appears to have done really well as a student because while at Rugby School, he was appointed the head boy or ‘head of school’ from 2015 to 2016. Sources say Rory was also quite good at sports, in fact, he was especially good at the rugby and golf and played them competitively.

When he finished from Rugby School, Rory gained admission to study Law at the very prestigious Harvard University and that was where he met with Malia Obama. He is reported to be a strong critic of Donald Trump.

Rory Farquharson
Rory Farquharson and Malia Obama

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Rory Farquharson & Malia Obama’s Relationship

Rory Farquharson shot into the limelight overnight in 2017 when he began to date Malia Obama. At the time, no one knew who Malia was romantically linked with so many people were curious to know about the young man. The first reports about them being together emerged in late 2017 when they were caught on camera kissing each other in public. A Harvard-Yale football game had just ended and the two lovebirds were walking back home when they kissed in a parking lot and clearly did not care what anyone thought about them.

In the following weeks and months, more reports emerged about Malia and Rory being seen in public places holding hands and showing affection for each other. For instance, in January 2018, they were seen on a date in the Soho neighborhood of New York. They were laughing and completely relaxed with each other while holding hands and snuggling up to each other. For many fans of Malia, this date is what confirmed the relationship status of Malia and Rory.

It is noteworthy that Rory is also a smoker. This conclusion has been reached because he has been spotted holding a cigarette in some photos he has been spotted in with Malia. In one of the photos, both he and Malia have been seen with cigarettes. Some fans have raised concerns about this. The important thing, though is that they both appear to be very happy when they are with each other.

Also, it appears that Rory has already met with Malia’s parents because in July 2018, he was spotted attending a Beyonce concert with his girlfriend, Michelle Obama – the former US First Lady and Sasha Obama, Malia’s younger sister.

Following the realization that Rory is Malia’s boyfriend, a lot of news sources and media houses have started to investigate him and in the future, more information is bound to be revealed about the young man.

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