Unravelling Rooster McConaughey – The Family And Net Worth Of Matthew McConaughey Brother

For most people, the phrase “high-risk high reward,” may sound like a quote right out of a business book, but not for Rooster McConaughey. The oil-rich businessman considers those words as his north star. From the heated oil fields of the US State of Texas, this father of three has put himself at the helm of an oil colossus that still rakes in profits to the tune of multi-millions. More so, McConaughey finds himself among a cherished league of college dropouts who defied the odds and built an empire out of their hustle. But his story is a far cry from rosy.

What Rooster McConaughey’s Childhood Looked Like

Rooster McConaughey was born as Michael Patrick McConaughey on August 2, 1954, into the family of James Donald “Jim” McConaughey and Mary Kathleen. His father was a Louisiana-born businessman who operated an oil pipe supply business. Before then, he spent a part of his early years playing for the Kentucky Wildcats and the Houston Cougars college football teams. After 1953, however, Jim left football to pursue other interests. McConaughey’s mother, Mary Kathleen, was a New Jersey-born kindergarten teacher and book author who schooled him personally.

Growing up, McConaughey spent a great part of his childhood in the west alongside his brothers, Michael and Matthew. Matthew is an Oscar-winning actor and film producer best known for his incredible roles in romantic comedies such as The Wedding Planner (2001), How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days (2003), Fool’s Gold (2008), Failure to Launch (2006), and others. Though McConaughey attended high school like his two siblings, he, however, did not make it through college but dropped out to work in the family business. That would not be a new experience for him as he had been working on those fields since 1966 when he was only twelve.

His Career As A Businessman And Rise to Fame

When Rооѕtеr МсСоnаughеу chose to discontinue his college education, he was making a path for himself. One that none of the McConaughey kids would even dare. Rather than settle for the usual path, he went the old way of the family business. Though an adopted son, МсСоnаughеу has stuck close to his foster father longer than the other siblings have. He not only stuck close to understand the family business, but he also grew to master a more high income-generating skill, closing deals.

Decades later, armed with high experience, as well as a huge bank of goodwill from peers and industry players, Rooster МсСоnаughеу has built a business colossus now worth millions of dollars from a field of unassuming rusted pipes. Today, he owns DGM Supply. The oil pipe machine shop takes a special interest in the purchase and sales of used pipes. Although he became established in the оіl ріре buѕіnеѕѕ, over the years, however, МсСоnаughеу’s path swerved into the show business. Perhaps, his brother Matthew had a hand in that.

Rooster McConaughey’s Exploits in Showbiz

His earliest appearances were in the movies Тhе Nеwtоn Воуѕ and Саll fоr Fіrе. In the years that followed, МсСоnаughеу vеnturеd іntо Tеlеvіѕіоn, starring in hіt ѕеrіеѕ such as Gооd mоrnіng Аmеrіса, Вlасk Gоld, аnd Тоdау. He appears on the CNBC documentary series, Wеѕt Техаѕ Invеѕtоrѕ сlub. He also stars in the A&E reality TV show, Rooster & Butch, a show in which he costars with his business partner Wayne “Вutсh” Gіllіаm.

As a way of giving back, МсСоnаughеу and Butch have invested over $2 million in various businesses of Texas origins. Asides acting, Rооѕtеr МсСоnаughеу hаѕ raked in mіllіоnѕ of dollars from hіѕ vаѕt portfolio, which covers rеаl еѕtаtе, lіvеѕtосk, media, and several others.

Here’s How Much He Is Worth Today

Rooster McConaughey
Rooster McConaughey

In 2015, Forbes magazine named McConaughey on its list of world’s highest-paid actors. On that list, he was worth $26.5 million. Today, that amount has more than doubled to $65 million. While that sounds like much, going by his financial history, there’s nothing to be surprised about. Having made his first million at age thirty, McConaughey showed promising enterprise in his younger days. However, he lost it all, only to build it from the ground up in the ensuing years. A titan if you ask.

Although there are no details about his annual earnings, what’s no secret is his wide financial portfolio. Asides owning the DGM supply company, McConaughey also has investments in tech, real estate, media, consumer products, and water. As he puts it, he is a product of other people’s belief in him. And so he continues to extend that favor to other young entrepreneurs. He lends out a helping hand through his investment group, West Texas Ltd, an initiative he co-founded in 2007 with his business partner and friend, Butch Gilliam.

The group’s investment portfolio cuts across several industries such as software development and mobile tech, food and beverage, consumer goods, music, appliances, restaurants, fashion, transportation, and retail. Why such a diversified portfolio? Well, according to McConaughey, since his expertise in assessing business opportunities and helping them create long-term shareholder value remains topnotch, why should their opportunities be?

Beyond the thrill of making money and watching the millions roll in, McConaughey cherishes the idea of doing stuff he never thought he could do, and moving outside his comfort zone. Having amassed such fortune, he believes that it wouldn’t be worth the sweat if there was no one to share it with, especially his family.

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Amazing Facts About His Family Life

Rooster McConaughey has been married twice. First to Marsha Smyth in 1974. Within the three years they spent together, the couple had one son named Madison Beaumont McConaughey. After the split, it took a while before McConaughey chose to marry again. On October 6, 1984, seven years after the crash of his first marriage, he married Georganne Hurt with whom he now has two children.

Today, McConaughey is the father of three adult children, namely Miller Lyte McConaughey, Margarita Olympia McConaughey, and Madison Beaumont McConaughey. For a keen reader, one of those names may sound like a popular beer brand. Well, it is. For some reason, McConaughey named not one but two of his children, Miller Lyte and Margarita Olympia after his favorite beer brands. He and his wife, Georganne, currently live in his hometown of Texas, where they sit over a $65 million fortune.

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