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Rodney Carrington is among the top American comic stars that can’t be forgotten in a hurry; his unparalleled contributions have made him one of the forces to be reckoned in the American entertainment industry. Known by his cowboy personality, the renowned comedian earned a spot in the limelight in 1998 following the release of his first comedy album titled Hangin’ with Rodney. In addition to his comedy career, Rodney has equally established himself as a musician, songwriter, and actor. So far, he has released eight studio albums and has also starred in a good number of movies. Learn more about his bio, net worth, wife, and other interesting facts below.

Rodney Carrington Bio 

Born Rodney Scott Carrington on the 19th day of October 1968, the comedian was born in the Longview neighborhood of Texas, United States where he grew up and completed his basic education. While he was growing, Rodney’s passion for comedy and country music led him to partake in several musical competitions and standup comedy shows in high school. After his graduation from high school, Rodney went on to attend Kilgore College in Texas.

While there, he was able to get his comedy career to a start; he featured as a standup comedian at local event centers and bars. He also garnered much exposure through his appearance in radio programs at the time. Notably, he was a regular guest on The Bob and Tom radio show; this helped him to hone his comic skills and prepare himself for the future.

Career and Rise to Mainstream

Soon after he graduated from college, Rodney moved to Tennessee where he kicked off his comedy career in earnest. At the early stages of his career, Rodney started appearing in theatres and small events. Later on, he signed up with Mercury Records through which he later launched his first comedy album Hanging’ with Rodney in 1998. The album which comprised both comedy and original country songs peaked at number 73 on the list of Top Country Albums. Two years later, he launched his second album Morning Wood with Capitol Records. Soon after its release in 2000, the album reached Top 20 in the Country Music chart. Since then, Rodney has released six more albums including his Greatest Hit compilation album.

In addition to comedy, Rodney Carrington also pursued a career in acting; thus making his first film appearance in 2004 while appearing in his self-titled sitcom which aired on ABC Network. Later on, he followed it up with appearances on other sitcoms such as AMV Hell 3: The Motion Picture released in 2005 and Beer My Horses in 2008, etc.

How Much is he Worth?

Undoubtedly, Rodney Carrington has become one of the most successful comic stars in the US and has built a huge fan base across the world. He has been incredibly successful since the beginning of his comedy career. More so, he has made a lot of money from his comedy shows, tours, acting, and sale of his musical albums. That said, Rodney Carrington currently has an accumulated net worth of $6 million. While he is still very much active in his career, his net worth is expected to significantly increase over time.

Rodney Carrington’s Wife and Divorce

rodney carrington

The amazing comedian is a rich and handsome dude; he is the type every woman would give anything to be with. While he is successful in his career, Rodney is also successful in his love life and his three adorable children are clear proof of this fact. Rodney got hitched to his longtime sweetheart and love of his life, Terry Carrington in 1993. The duo met each other during the late ‘80s and after a few years of successful relationship, they sealed their love with a nuptial bond. Their wedding took place in 1993 and they currently have three amazing children – George, Zac, and Sam Carrington.

Interestingly, Rodney and his better half Terri became one of the most outstanding couples in Hollywood and were admired by many. The love between the inseparable couple continued to grow stronger until after eighteen years when their relationship turned sour. Although they tried all they could to save their relationship, their efforts were futile. The couple separated in 2010 and their divorce process was completed in 2012. After their divorce, the pair were granted equal custody of their three kids. Since then, the comedian decided to take a break from the love game; hence, there is no news of his subsequent relationships. Terri, on the other hand, decided to stay from the limelight and has kept a low profile to date.

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His Height and Weight Gain

Rodney Carrington is very tall and he has an impeccable personality. The comedian stands at a height of 5 feet 10 inches (1.78m) and weighs 84 kg. However, as a result of his divorce from Terri, Carrington lost control of himself and started eating everything. In 2016, during his Here Comes The Truth Tour, he appeared heavier than usual which raised several eyebrows amongst his many fans. Later on, Carrington revealed that he has started working out in order to keep fit and has imbibed healthy eating again.

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