Rocco Piazza
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Very sharp, incredibly skillful and highly talented, Rocco Piazza is a popular American scooter rider who also doubles as a musician and has won the admiration of many people with his stunning displays. He has become very popular on social media and now has several supporters who follow his every move online. Fans of Rocco are especially stunned at his skills because he is still a very young boy and yet manages to do all the amazing and risky things he does on the scooter. Sometimes, his stunts on the scooter are so risky that he even gets called out for it but he has never relented on letting go of the thrill associated with scooter riding.

His talent as a musician has been hailed and many people consider him to be the ‘next big thing’, expecting him to do great things in the future with his sound. As a musician, he has released a number of singles that have gained acceptance among his fans on social media. His 2017 single Never Called Me Bro made waves around social media and won him more fans.

Rocco Piazza Bio & Age

Rocco Piazza was born on the 12th day of the month of August in the year 2008. The exact city or town where he was born is not certain but we know that he was born in the USA and has lived there all his life so far.

Since he was very little, Rocco showed signs that he was a very brilliant chap with the way he spoke. As such, he stood out like a leader whenever he was with his friends. When he was only 4 years old, he started scooter riding and has grown to become one of the most talked about youngsters online.

It is believed that Rocco is combining his work on social media with his schooling. Over the years, he has made lots of waves around the internet, wowing people with his skills.

His Sister & Family

Rocco was born to a mother identified as Holly and she is a very integral part of his life. She has shown lots of support for him over the years and is his biggest fan. In fact, when Rocco started out, she was the one handling his social media accounts for him. Rocco’s father is also very much behind his son’s work on social media.

Rocco Piazza
Rocco Piazza and his sister, Emma (Instagram/roccopiazza)

Piazza has a sister with whom he is sharing his youthful days. His sister’s name is Emma and the siblings are very fond of each other. Rocco is often seen with Emma in the different photos and videos he posts on his Instagram page.

Things To Know About The Musician

1. How he began scooter riding

Rocco Piazza had always been a very lively kid. When he was still a toddler, he was already moving around doing things that kids his age would normally not do. By the age of four, he took interest in scooter riding and became obsessed with it. He stunned adults occasionally with his ability to perform dangerous tricks on the scooter and very soon, he decided to go professional with it.

He is now one of the best known young scooter riders around the internet and is even sponsored to do his stunts. The good thing about Rocco is that he makes the entire scooter riding sessions very interesting to watch by infusing hilarious interactions.

2. How he got big on social media

Shortly after he started scooter riding, Rocco Piazza decided to take his art to social media and showcase his talent to the world. His whole family was with him on this and threw their weight behind him. Piazza created his YouTube channel called RoccoPiazzaVlogs on April 21, 2013, with the assistance of his mother. Because he was still too young, his mother started overseeing the running of the channel. All Rocco’s videos showing his stunts and other things have been uploaded on the YouTube channel ever since. As he grew older, he took over control of his social media accounts.

Rocco is quite versatile and this is why many people love him. He does not only ride scooters but also reviews toys and as well holds subscribers to thrilling sessions of video game plays. His YouTube channel has now gathered more than 2 million subscribers. Also, his Instagram page has more than 700,000 followers.

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3. His music

Rocco Piazza is not only a scooter rider and toy reviewer but also a musician. The young fella has already released some singles to the huge admiration of his many fans. In 2017, he released 4 singles namely; Never Called Me Bro, Best Friend, Roc Stars, and YouTube Made Me.

His music videos have raked in several millions of views. The views on Never Called Me Bro alone now exceed 6 million on his channel and the video has been shared many times by his fans. It is expected that he will make more buzz with his music as time goes on.

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