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Highly talented, calm and ultimately amiable, Robyn Krauthammer is an Australian painter and sculptor who is widely respected for her art. Over the years, she has gained recognition for her work and her paintings have even been exhibited at the Washington Foxhall Gallery. Passionate about her art, Robyn has demonstrated the beauty that is evoked when a person is committed to their craft.

Apart from being known as an awesome painter and sculptor, Robyn Krauthammer is also known as the wife of the late Charles Krauthammer, a popular American political columnist who was very famous for his writings. He also won the Pulitzer Prize for his column in The Washington Post. She was married to the man for many years and they shared lots of memories together winning admiration from their many fans.

Robyn Krauthammer Biography

Robyn Krauthammer was born on the 5th day of September in 1952. She was born in Sydney, a city in New South Wales, Australia. The identity of her parents has not been revealed and we do not know if she has any siblings. However, we know that she grew up partly in Australia and partly in America.

Growing up, Robyn was quite curious about law and actually studied it in college. She attended the St Anne’s College, one of the constituent colleges at the Oxford University from where she bagged LL.B. degree. Upon graduation, Robyn began to practice law at an international law firm in Paris, France.

Asides being interested in law, Robyn has also been passionate about arts and equally studied the craft in school in order to hone her skills. She attended the Corcoran School of the Arts and Design in Washington, D.C., USA. She also attended the Maryland Institute College of Art.

All You Need To Know About Robyn Krauthammer

Fans have often wondered how Robyn Krauthammer met her husband, Charles Krauthammer and how she successfully turned her passion for art into an enviable career. We bring you all you need to know.

1. How Robyn Krauthammer Met Charles Krauthammer

The story of Robyn Krauthammer cannot be fully told without the name of Charles Krauthammer being mentioned in it. The couple loved each other to the fullest and helped push each other mentally, collaborating on works that have won the admiration of people from around the world.

Robyn first met Charles in the ’70s while they were both students at the University of Oxford. She had gone to the laundry to get some cleaning done when she bumped into Charles who was also there to clean. They picked interest in each other immediately as they struck up a conversation. The pair started dating shortly after, hence making plans to tie the knot.

In 1974, two years after their first meeting, Robyn and Charles tied the knot in holy matrimony and remained married till Charles died of cancer in 2018. The couple loved themselves and pushed each other to do their best in their different careers. In fact, Charles has often talked lovingly about how his wife urged him to follow his calling and succeed at doing it. Robyn has also spoken glowingly about her husband’s help in pushing her career to sublime heights.

2. She and Charles Have A Son

The union between Charles Krauthammer and Robyn Krauthammer produced just one child, a boy whom they called Daniel Krauthammer. Both Robyn and Charles loved Daniel and made sure they gave him the best life. Daniel has grown into a fine young man who has taken after his father as a writer.

Robyn Krauthammer
Robyn Krauthammer with her husband, Charles and their son, Daniel.

3. She Quit Her Legal Profession to Focus on Arts

Robyn Krauthammer had always loved arts. She was obsessed with painting and also loved sculpting. It comes as no surprise that she quit law to focus on the arts soon after she started practicing.

After her graduation, Robyn went to Paris, France to practice law at a law firm. She stayed there for a while, before eventually abandoning law and going to the USA to concentrate on arts. It was there (US) that she attended the Corcoran School of the Arts and Design as well as the Maryland Institute College of Art where she learnt a few tricks and got better as an artist.

After shifting her concentration to the arts, Robyn stunned people with her artworks. She has created masterpieces which have even been exhibited at the Washington Foxhall Gallery.

4. Robyn is the Co-Founder of Preserve Classical Jewish Music Foundation

Apart from her love for arts, Robyn is also a very huge fan of Jewish classical music. In fact, she and her husband founded Pro Music Hebraica, a charitable foundation with the aim of preserving classical Jewish music especially the ones that have been thought to have lost forever. The foundation has been hailed around the world for it’s ‘marvelous ideals.’

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5. Robyn Krauthammer’s Net Worth

Having functioned first as a brilliant lawyer and then as a respected and talented artist whose works have been showcased at Washington Foxhall Gallery and other places, it is expected that Robyn Krauthammer has made some fortune for herself over the years. The current net worth of the painter has been pegged at about $2.5 million.

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