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Bringing back the yester-years can easily be good business. Whether you are recounting bare history or you are selling CDs of 1960s music, the basic idea is the same. As for Robin Vernon and her ex-husband Ted, the idea they turned to business was to get the relics of old-time autos, refurbish them and place them on sale. The business is named Ted Vernon’s Specialty Automobiles.

On the show’s website – you will see on display, vintage vehicles like 1915 Ford Model T and even the 1929 Chevrolet Street Rod placed. Part of the fun can be going there to browse or buy the car that was once driven by your historical hero such as Herbert Hoover, Winston Churchill or whoever.

Originally a retail business, Ted Vernon’s Specialty Automobiles has been turned to a reality TV series called South Beach Classics which premiered on Discovery Channel on March 30, 2011. This is the series that has made Robin Vernon and her ex-husband Ted, famous more than anything else. But, by November of 2016, it became public that they were passing through a saddening break-up. That led to Robin Vernon being replaced on the reality show by Ted’s new catch, Christine Morris.

Since then, many people have been seeking to know more details about Robin Vernon. If you are one of such people, this is the place for you.


Born Robin Ziel, Robin Vernon is known inter alia as a model, actress, and a car collector/dealer. Her birth occurred on April 11, 1978.

Certain sources report that Robin’s mother died while she was still very young and so, she was mostly raised by a stepmother. There are conflicting reports about her place of birth. While some sources claim she was born in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, others cite California. Robin is of American nationality nonetheless.

We do not know where Robin Vernon had her elementary school. But several sources say she attended Torrejon American High School. However, the only Torrejon High School we can trace once existed in Spain only, not in America. Was there also a Torrejon High School somewhere in America? Or, did Robin ever live in Spain? We have not found substantial details to support that yet.

However, it is widely reported that the traits that eventually made Robin the great socialite and model she eventually became, started manifesting while she was in high school. It is reported that, while in high school, Robin was often the cheerleader of her school team as a result of her beauty and build.

So, what more can you know about Robin Vernon? Here are other interesting facts and details you can relish about the model/actress.

Celebrity Facts and Other Interesting Details About Robin Vernon

1. She Bleached Her Hair

By Robin Vernon’s own testimony, she started bleaching her hair from age 15. Her hair color was originally light brown, but she has bleached it to Platinum blonde and is very okay with that.

Indeed, Robin is very proud of her bleached hair as she credits it for her success as a model. She says she started getting modelling contracts from the time she bleached her hair.

2. She Became a Successful Model at 17 and Lived in Her own Apartment

From repeatedly being a cheerleader in high school to bleaching her hair, Robin Vernon began to land big modeling contracts from when she was seventeen. This enabled her to live in her own apartment in Tampa Florida from the time she was 17. But, since she was below the legal age, the apartment was co-signed by his father.

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Thus, Robin lost parental control before she was culturally ripe for it. Apart from the financial capability that came with her modeling success, the fact that her mother died while she was very young may have contributed to this.

3. Robin Vernon Married a Man 3 Decades Older Than Her

Ted and Robin Vernon
Ted and Robin Vernon: Image source.

We still see the same thing manifesting here. As a result of losing parental control too early in life, Robin Vernon began dating earlier than normal. So, naturally, she was coming in contact with dates who were far older than her. It’s no wonder then, she married the ex-boxer Ted Vernon who is a whopping 30 years older than her.

The story is told of how the duo were set up on a blind date in 1998. Robin said she soon fell for Ted’s sense of humor. They married in 2000. But, after 15 years, the marriage collapsed following allegations of emotional and physical abuse.

Many people had not been very optimistic about the future of their marriage based on the huge age difference between the couple. Now that the marriage has crashed, many people opine that their huge age difference was primarily responsible for it.

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