Robie Uniacke’s Personal Life, Children And How Much He Is Worth

Robie Uniacke is a famous Mathematician and businessman who rose to prominence not because of the popularity of his research works/thesis nor his successes in business, but for simply being the boyfriend of the beautiful Hollywood actress, Rosamund Pike. The fact that he is 18 years older than her can be said as being the major reason for his ever-increasing popularity. Still interested in getting to unravel the mystery behind Robie Uniacke; his early life, relationships, net Worth and family? Stay on this page.

Robie Uniacke Biography 

Popular mathematician and businessman Robie Uniacke was born in England in 1961. As at the time of writing, his exact date of birth is pretty much a well-kept secret which is best known by him. He is a British national and belongs to the white ethnic group. There is also no information regarding his parents, siblings, childhood and educational background which is as a result of his private lifestyle. Nevertheless, he once revealed that as a child he was highly obsessed with mathematics and the mere mention of an equation was all it took to get his adrenaline pumping. He also revealed he is an alumnus of Eton College in Windsor, England and he holds a degree in mathematics.

Moving on to his professional career, he is a mathematical Researcher who has completed a great deal of research in the field of mathematics and other related sciences. Besides his career as a researcher, he is also a successful businessman. In 2010, he founded an IT Consultancy firm which he called Pale Fire Ltd. He served in the capacity of the company’s director until 2016 when the company was declared insolvent and thereafter dissolved, as a result of failure on his part. This happened as a result of his inability to fulfill the statutory obligations of the firm by paying its VAT and Corporation tax to Her Majesty Revenues Customs (HMRC); despite the fact that the money (totaling up to £260,508) was deposited in his private account.

Despite his love for privacy, he has been involved in a series of scandals ranging from drug addiction to failed and toxic relationships in the past; glad he was able to get his act together, else we wouldn’t be talking about him today.

His Wife And Children

Just like we aforementioned, Robie is a very private person and nothing much is known about his family. He loves keeping details of his personal life away from the ever-prying eyes of the media. The fact that he isn’t active on any social media platform doesn’t make it any easy in deciphering information as regards his family or personal life in general. However, one part of his personal life that is an open book is his relationship history.

Far from having the looks of a playboy, Robie Uniacke sure has a penchant for being romantically involved with beautiful and well to do women. As a result of that, it’s not surprising to know he has been married twice in his life. His first marriage was to the daughter of the late Earl of Carlisle in 1983 but their marriage ended in 1988 owing to substance addiction and abuse between the two parties. After attending rehab and becoming a much better man, he ventured into marriage again; this time with an interior decorator named Rose Batstone but as the years went by they grew apart and eventually got divorced.

Robie Uniacke and Rosamund Pike
Robie Uniacke and Rosamund Pike (Image Source)

In 2010 he began dating popular Hollywood actress Rosamund Pike and the pair have remained together ever since.  That being said he is a father of six children: one (Robie Jonjo Uniacke) from his first wife, three (Hector, Olive, and Florence) from his second and two (Solo Uniacke and Atom Uniacke) from his current relationship with Pike.

What Is His Net Worth?

By virtue of being a successful mathematics researcher and former director of Pale Fire Ltd, Robie Uniacke is expected to be worth a hefty sum. Nonetheless, his exact net worth in terms of figures is not known simply because of his unwillingness to disclose such personal information. However, when summed with that of his actress partner, their net worth is estimated at a whopping sum of $9 million.

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