Is Robert Irvine’s Restaurant Impossible Real And Is It Returning To TV?

The Food Network has been the home of various food-related programming in America for several years and several shows have appeared on the network. In recent years, one of the more successful and popular ones is Restaurant: Impossible, hosted by Robert Irvine. The show has been on air since January 2011 and has filmed and released over 170 episodes.

While the long-running status of the show suggests millions of people enjoy the show’s premise, there are those who have wondered if it is real. In this article, we determine if Restaurant: Impossible is real as well as its status on air.

What is Restaurant: Impossible?

Restaurant: Impossible as hosted by Robert Irvine, is a reality show where Robert, who is an experienced chef and restauranteur, goes to a struggling restaurant and identifies the problems. He then goes on to proffer the solutions to the restaurant owner and oversees changes like training the staff, cleaning, and redesigning the menu. At the end of every episode, new customers are brought into to experience the makeover and advertise the restaurant.

The show began to air in January 2011 and was on air till 2016 before a three-year hiatus kept it off the air till April 2019. While Robert Irvine is the primary host and expert on the show, he often seeks outside help in persons of interior designers from the HGTV network who help with the execution of his ideas, all of which has to be executed with a budget of $10,000

Is the Show Real?

Even though they are referred to as reality shows, many of them are often scripted drama that help with sustaining the drama and entertaining elements of the show, leaving many people to doubt the authenticity of reality shows, and Restaurant: Impossible is not exempt.

However, while Restaurant: Impossible might not be exempt from the query, it is exempt from the list of reality shows that are not real. Accounts from people behind the scenes as well as producers of the show say that the show is 100 percent real. Every piece of interaction on the show as well as the processes, including the rush-hour scrambling by staff to meet the 6 pm opening is a completely real experience.

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Robert Irvine does his interview with the owners of the restaurant in one take, and when he is delivering instructions, they are honest representations of what transpired.

Of course, if it is real, then it must mean that the restaurants were truly in trouble and there were consequences for Robert Irvine’s solutions. Despite Restaurant: Impossible’s attempts at fixing the restaurants, not every single one has survived, and the show currently has a record of over 100 failed restaurants out of over 140 restaurants that have been assisted.

Is Robert Irvine’s Restaurant: Impossible Returning to TV?

As mentioned earlier, between 2011 and 2016, the show filmed 13 seasons before a long hiatus. At the time, Robert Irvine left the show to host his daytime talk show, The Robert Irvine Show.

The talk show was on the air between 2016 and 2018 before it was canceled. After it got canceled, Restaurant: Impossible returned to air, premiering for the second time in April 2019.

Robert Irvine's Restaurant Impossible
Robert during an episode of Restaurant Impossible

The first season of the return aka the fourteenth season of the show aired just four episodes between April 2019 and May 2019.

The 15th season of the show premiered on July 20, 2019, and unlike other seasons of the show, it will be Robert Irvine returning to the restaurants that were previously helped on the show and checking on their progress since Restaurant: Impossible.

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Other Facts About Robert Irvine’s Restaurant Impossible

It was a spin-off. The original show was Dinner: Impossible, which was also hosted by Robert Irvine. It follows the same premise of doing the impossible, but rather than fixing dying restaurants, he and his team have to cook large dinners within a short time.

Not every restaurant owner of the show is willing to be on the show, and several episodes have featured reluctant guests. Partners of the owners, as well as employees, have been known to make the call or submit their application to have Restaurant: Impossible come to their rescue.

Robert Irvine often travels to the various restaurants with his daughters, Annalise and Talia.

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