Robert Irvine’s Net Worth And How The Celebrity Chef Made His Money

When it comes to Robert Irvine, many have been curious about his net worth and how he achieved it. Well, the most recent report reveals that the celebrity chef is worth $15 million.

The English chef, Robert Irvine is known to have contributed much to the food entertainment industry. As a celebrity chef, he has, without a doubt, distinguished himself in the food industry with substantial financial reward to show for it, as mentioned above. So, how exactly has he made so much money?

Robert Irvine Began Early And Underwent Training

If you are looking to gain some inspiration from how Robert Irvine achieved his net worth, one of the first things to know is that he did not only begin early but he also got adequately trained.

Robert Paul Irvine was born on September 24, 1965. His birth took place in England. However, not quite long after his birth, his family had cause to relocate to Wiltshire County where he eventually grew up. The future celebrity chef then enlisted in the Royal Navy when he was fifteen years old.

It was while serving in the Navy that his cooking career began. After undergoing the requisite training in this regard, Robert was assigned to serve as an official chef aboard the Royal Yacht Britannia. He was in that position for the entire 10 years that his military service lasted which, of course, bears eloquent testimony to his great culinary skills even from that early stage of his career.

He Widened The Horizon Of His Experience

If Robert Irvine had ended his cooking career with the Royal Navy, he would certainly have still been a great cook but probably not to the point of having a net worth of $15 million today. After the completion of his military service, he first went into international culinary consultancy in Indonesia and Vietnam. During this period, he had a special opportunity of getting acquainted with the Asian menu.

With this rich background, Robert Irvine went ahead and served as an executive chef on many cruise ships and for high-brow companies notable among them are The Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Atlantic City and the five-star cruise ship MS Asuka II (then known as Crystal Harmony).

Robert Irvine’s Net Worth Is Largely Due To His TV Programs

More fame has often meant more fortune. Robert Irvine no doubt earned well from his days in the Navy as well as his consultancy and services in well-known establishments, but his fame and fortune began to really experience significant increases from the time he began to host talk shows on Food Network. He first began with a program known as Dinner: Impossible which later transformed into the very widely-acclaimed Restaurant: Impossible. This opened the gate for more cooking-themed shows on the network such as Worst Cooks In America, A Hero’s Welcome, Operation Restaurant, Guy’s Grocery Games, All-star Academy, and Restaurant Express. He eventually took up the eponymous daily program The Robert Irvine Show on The CW Channel.

The Chef Wrote Bestsellers

Another major source from which Robert Irvine’s net worth has accrued is his authorship of books. He first co-authored the cookbook Mission: Cook!: My Life, My Recipes, And Making The Impossible Easy with Brian O’Reilly which was published in 2007. Then, he went ahead to author other well-received books such as Impossible To Easy (2010) and Fit Fuel: A Chef’s Guide To Eating Well, Getting Fit. He also published other less-known works such as Gone To Glory, Barking Dogs, The Great Reminder, and Pillar of Fire: A Moroni Traveller Mystery. Although we have no details on the exact amounts that Robert Irvine has made from these books, it is obvious that they have contributed significantly to his net worth.

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Robert Irvine’s Net Worth Has Come From His Entrepreneurial Efforts Also

Robert Irvine has also established a series of businesses which have, no doubt, been major contributors to his net worth. He first founded the brand ‘Robert Irvine Foods’ which includes a line of several food items, spices, and oils. He also owns two restaurants in St. Petersburg, Florida and has started a restaurant named Robert Irvine’s Public House in Las Vegas, Nevada, in partnership with the prestigious hotel and casino Tropicana Las Vegas. In September 2019, Robert Irvine started another restaurant in Pennsylvania known as Fresh Kitchen by Robert Irvine.


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