Robert Costa’s Education And His Relationship Status

Robert Costa isn’t just an impressive American journalist cum political commentator, he is also an amazing reporter and news anchor. He has made a name for himself through his unparallel journalism skills and his works do speak for themselves. The multi-talented media personality is currently associated with The Washington Post. While there, Robert also works with the NBC and MSNBC networks. Wondering what motivates him? Well, Robert has cited the likes of Tim Russert as well as Robert Caro as his key influence. Read more about Costa below.

Early Life and Education

The TV star, Robert Costa was born in 1965 and he celebrates his birthday on 14th October every year. He was born to American parents and also possesses American nationality. Robert’s parents Thomas and his wife Anne Costa are attorneys. Notably, his father worked for a pharmaceutical company called Briston-Myers Squibb.

Originally from Richmond, Virginia, the journalist spent his childhood days in Pennsylvania where he schooled at Pennsbury High School. While he was there, Robert was friends with Hallie Jackson and Zach Woods. Based on his talents and popularity, Robert was featured in Michael Bamberger’s book titled Wonderland: A Year in the Life of an American High School. With his influence as an aspiring journalist, he also brought popular artists such as Eve 6 and John Mayer to perform at his school events.

At the completion of his high school education in 2004; the youngster further went to the University of Notre Dame to acquire his bachelor’s degree. He completed his study in the institution in 2008 coming out with a degree in American studies. The following year, Roberts also got his master’s in politics from Cambridge University. During his stay at Notre Dame University, Robert interned for the show called This Week with George Stephanopoulos and he also anchored and produced a program titled Office Hours at ND-TV. Subsequently, he joined the Notre Dame University’s board of trustees from 2014 to 2017.

Journalism Career

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At the early stages of his career, Robert worked as Robert L. Bartley Fellow at The Wall Street Journal. Later on, he became a correspondent for a magazine company known as National Review in 2010. He quickly rose up the ranks and two years later, he became the chief editor of the company’s Washington bureau. During his time with the magazine company, Robert equally made guest appearances on The Kudlow Report on networks such as CNBC and MSNBC.

Finding his way into the limelight in 2013, Robert made a lasting impression while reporting the United States FG Shutdown. His report was extensively based on the Republican Congress. His top-notch performances garnered a lot of attention all over the media and the United States at large. He was highly commended for his efforts; thus being regarded as the most important reporter in the country at the time. Robert also earned nicknames such as Omnipresent as well as the golden boy.

Following the rapid increase in his popularity, Robert Costa’s service was sought by top media agencies. However, he later joined The Washington Post while resigning his position at National Review in 2013. He has been working for the network as the anchor of their PBS show titled Washington Week. In addition to his career at The Washington Post, Robert is also acting as a political analyst for MSNBC and NBC Networks. He has equally worked as a guest host of Charlie Rose on PBS in 2017. Through the Washington Week show, the brilliant journalist has interviewed top political newsmakers in the United States. Some of which include the POTUS Donald Trump and many others.

His Salary Earnings

The fast-rising journalist has been receiving quite a substantial sum in salaries and is currently living a cool lifestyle. Being active in the journalism profession for over two decades and with his level of experience, Robert’s net worth will be running in millions. Nevertheless, his salary earnings and net worth has not been made open to the public yet. We’d make sure you would be the first to know when we have verified information regarding his net worth.

Who is The Wife?

If there is one thing that is so hidden about Robert Costa’s life, then that would be his personal life. The journalist has joined the long list of prominent TV personalities who enjoy bringing their personal and professional life at equilibrium. Perhaps, he might have been involved in romantic relationships in the past but has decided to keep it under the shades. Since he hasn’t shared such information with the media, it will be hard to tell if the talented journalist is married or not and who his wife is. Interestingly, the only thing on his mind right now is just to get to the apex of his career.

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Weight Loss

If you have been following Robert Costa’s show closely, you would notice that the journalist’s physique and appearance recently changed. Well, that was as a result of his weight loss program. Although it is unclear which one he did, whether he is on diet or exercise. Apparently, his new looks are really smart making him more attractive than ever.

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