Proof of Robby Anderson’s Success In The NFL and All About His Run In With The Law

A talented American football wide receiver, Robby Anderson is a very passionate and dynamic player. He began his professional career in 2016 after completing his college career with the Temple Owls of Temple University. Though he went undrafted in the 2016 NFL Draft, Robby was recruited by the New York Jets.

Without a doubt, Robby has consistently shown improvement in his game and with his current pace, the wide receiver will soon find his way to superstardom. However, this can only be possible if he doesn’t continue in his trend of constant run-ins with the law. It has affected his career in many ways as unveiled herein.

Tracing The Origin of Robby Anderson’s Career 

Robert Steven Anderson was born in Fair Lawn, New Jersey, on the 9th of May 1993. He was born to American parents, Jason Anderson and his wife Kim Shubert. The wide receiver spent his early years in Fair Lawn neighborhood before moving to South Florida where he attended South Plantation High School. There, Robby began his football career; he was among the top players in the South Plantation High football team.

As expected, he took his talent to the college level. Soon after he graduated from high school, Robby, who had earlier committed to play college football at Temple University kicked off his college career with the Temple Owls. As a freshman, the wide receiver was redshirted. He first started practicing as a defensive player but later swapped to become a wide receiver. In his first season in 2013, Robby Anderson managed nine touchdowns and 44 receptions for 791 yards.

Due to poor academic performance, Robby sat out the whole of the 2014 season so he would focus on his academics. This brief setback was expected to hit his career adversely but the football player came back with a big bang. Upon his return the following season, the player had 7 touchdowns and 70 receptions for 939 receiving yards. At the end of the 2015 season, Robby was named to the All-Conference Team.

Career Achievements With New York Jets

robby anderson
Robby running with the ball: Image Source

Before the 2016 draft, Robby Anderson made a wonderful impression at Temple University’s Pro Day. Inasmuch as he brought his top-notch performance to the fore, the player wasn’t drafted that year. After the draft, Robby made his first professional deal with the New York Jets as a free undrafted agent. He joined the Jets where he competed for the starting wide receiver’s position with other players like Jeremy Ross, Jalin Marshall, Charone Peake, and Chandler Worthy.

Being an exceptional player, it wasn’t long before he proved his worth in the 2016 pre-season and earned a spot on Jets’ final roster. During the 2016 regular season, Robby Anderson caught his first pass from Ryan Fitzpatrick in their game against Kansas City Chiefs. He made a significant impact on the team throughout his rookie season, ending it with a record of two touchdowns and 42 receptions for 587 yards.

The following year, he greatly improved, finishing the season with seven touchdowns and 63 receptions for 941 yards. He made a jaw-dropping performance in the 2018’s week 5 game against the Denver Broncos. He finished the game with three receptions for 123 yards, leading his side to a 34 – 16 win.

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Anderson continued to post impressive stats, nudging the Jets to more wins in 2019. He recorded five catches for 125 yards and a 92-yard touchdown in a game that saw the Jets win the Dallas Cowboys 24-22. Another remarkable game during the season was against the Miami Dolphins where he finished with seven catches for 116 receiving yards and a touchdown. In all, his 2019 season has a record of 52 receptions for 779 receiving yards and five receiving touchdowns.

His Move to Carolina Panthers

After the 2019 season, Robby Anderson’s career with the New York Jets came to an end, and on April 1, 2020, the Carolina Panthers signed him.

He did not only land a two-year deal worth $20 million with $12 million guaranteed; he is also enjoying a reunion with his college coach.

The former Temple head coach Matt Rhule is now with the Carolina Panthers as the head coach.

Details of His Career Earnings Thus Far

Robby Anderson didn’t have a glossy start in terms of earnings but he is well on his way to building a fortune. His first professional deal which he signed with the Jets gave him $1.63 million, with a signing bonus of $10,000 included in the three-year deal.

While he made the pact as an undrafted free agent, he is now well-grounded in the league and has attracted a better deal.

His 2020 contract with the Carolina Panthers is worth $20 million. The deal guaranteed $12 million with $8 million in signing bonus. The two-year deal is a huge improvement from where he started.

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Here’s Why Robby Anderson Was Arrested

During the 2018 regular NFL season, Robby Anderson was being reviewed for a possible NFL suspension after violating the league’s code of conduct policy. This happened as a result of the player’s arrest for multiple charges within the past two years. First, Robby was arrested for allegedly pushing a police officer at an event in Miami. Subsequently, he was charged with multiple misdemeanors ranging from reckless driving to not yielding to traffic and other offenses.

However, the felony cases against the wide receiver were dropped in April 2018 after the player pleaded no contest to the traffic offense. As it is known, violating the big league’s code of conduct often leads to consequences that in a few cases can be career-damning. In Anderson’s case, suspension loomed after his series of run-ins with the law. However, an NFL spokesperson disclosed to the media that the league management has decided that the player won’t be receiving any form of suspension from the league.

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Meanwhile, the NFL star is not the only wide receiver to have been arrested or face suspension. Some of his peers, notably Eli Rogers of Pittsburgh Steelers, have had their share of it. Others are ArDarius Stewart and Julian Edelman of New England Patriots, to mention a few.

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