Robbie Wolfe – Biography, Family and Net Worth of the American Pickers Star

One of the coolest things about America, specifically its television industry, is its remarkable ability to turn seemingly ordinary people into public personalities by simply shining a light onto their personal ventures, either through reality TV shows or national news coverage. Two people who have followed this part to stardom are Robbie Wolfe and Mike Wolfe. Their interest in antique scavenging has turned them into celebrated personalities through the show, American Pickers.

Unlike Mike Wolfe, Robbie Wolfe is not a regular member of the show’s cast but he has appeared on the show long enough to achieve fame and success. Along with his appearances on American Pickers, Wolfe is also an entrepreneur and has been able to build a successful life with both endeavors. Learn all about him and his life by reading below.

Robbie Wolfe Biography & Age

Robbie Wolfe, who is best known as the brother of Mike Wolfe and an occasional cast member of American Pickers, was born on the 26th of April, 1960 in Illinois. He shares a mother, Rita Wolfe, with his reality show star brother and another sibling, a sister named Beth Wolfe.

Although much of his childhood is unknown, Robbie is believed to have shared similar interests with Mike whose fascination with antiques and collectibles led to the creation of American Pickers.

Robbie Wolfe’s education status is also unknown, but whatever it might be, he has been able to build a life of his own, starting with his own personal company, RJ Wolfe and Sons. The company, which is a landscaping company based in Davenport, is known for offering services such as pool installation and creating outdoor living spaces such as decks and driveways. The company was established in the 90s and Robbie has continued to manage its till date.

His eventual time in the spotlight came after Mike Wolfe, along with other leading cast members like Frank Fritz, began to star in the reality TV show, American Pickers, a show about the cast members traveling around the country in order to find antiques for their personal collection or for clients.

Since the show began in January 2010 on the History Channel, Robbie Wolfe has made a few appearances of his own, in over 50 episodes of the show. While he is regarded as a prominent cast member as a picker, he has played other roles on the show, including being a casting scout.

Through the show, we have also come to learn that unlike his brother, Mike, who loves motorcycles, Robbie prefers automobiles.

Who Are His Family Members?

Robbie Wolfe has always had a strong connection to family and that has translated to his professional career where he shares the screen with his brother on American Pickers.

He also has a family of his own with his wife, Robyn Wolfe, whom he got married to after a long period of dating. Despite Robbie’s propensity to share pictures of his family moments and other private moments with the media, we do not know much about the details of his relationship with Robyn.

Such is Robbie Wolfe’s love for family that he reportedly gave up on the pursuit of a music career in order to build a life with Robyn and since they got married, he and Robyn have been able to raise four children; three daughters and a son.

Robbie Wolfe Net Worth

Robbie Wolfe
Robbie Wolfe with a fellow cast member of American Pickers

If there is one thing outside of fame that Robbie Wolfe has benefited from his appearances on American Pickers, it is wealth – both directly and indirectly.

Having appeared in multiple episodes of the show, he has gotten a significant share in the revenue of the reality show which has been on the air for over nine years. In that time, he has also experienced growth in his personal landscaping business.

With both income streams, he has been able to amass a net worth in the region of $3 million. His brother, Mike Wolfe, however, who is a primary star on American Pickers, has a net worth of $13 million.

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What is His Height?

Robbie Wolfe cuts the figure of a muscular man on television and a closer evaluation of his physical profile reveals that to be true. Although specifics of his height is currently unknown, Robbie has an average male height along with other features like dark brown hair and brown eyes.

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