Rob Dyrdek Net Worth is $50 Million

If you were a fan of ‘Rob & Big’ or ‘Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory’ then you know who Rob Dyrdek is, but for those who don’t know, Rob Dyrdek is a skateboarder, producer, actor, and entrepreneur.

Robert Stanley Dyrdek began to skateboard at the age of 11 after professional skateboarder Neil Blender gave him his first skateboard. After receiving sponsorship from Blender’s company, he turned pro at the age of 16. After a while with Blender’s sponsorship company, both of them quit to found their own company called Alien Workshop. So far in his care, r Dyrdrek has broken 21 individual Guinness World skateboarding records.

Rob Dyrdek Net Worth: Rob and Big Show Salary

His “Rob and Big” show lasted for 3 seasons, with over 30 episodes and brought him a paycheck of $60,000 per episode. He also expanded into taking roles in movies including ‘Righteous Kill’ in 2008 and ‘Street Dreams’ in 2009. Rob is also a TV producer. He co-founded ‘Superjacket’, the company that produced MTV shows like ‘Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory’, ‘Snackoff’ and ‘Ridiculousness’. Dyrdek appeared in a video game called ‘Skate’ and its sequel, ‘Skate 2’.

Rob Dyrdek Net Worth: Business Ventures And Endorsements

Dyrdek is adept at finding niches in various markets and filling them. He started his first company at age 18 despite not having prior education or experience. Like every famous wise person, Rob uses his platform as an advantage. While starring in the two reality TV shows on MTV, he promoted his entrepreneurial endeavors including his own trademark shoes. He acquired DNA distribution, a holding company of Alien Workshop. He has also landed sponsorship deals with various companies including Chevrolet, DC shoes, Monster energy and Silver Trucks. In a commercial he did for Super Bowl, he ‘kickflipped’ a car 70 feet, ramp-to-ramp.

Rob Dyrdek Net Worth

Some of the other creations by Rob includes;

Street League Skateboarding, a TV competition that attracts lots of professional skateboarders.

Wild Grinders cartoon series whose characters are based on his childhood friends

iSX an instant scoring experience aimed at changing the way skating competitions were carried out

His Rob Dyrdek foundation is an initiative that helps to build safe and legal skate parks for people in the community. They also organize community and educational programs.

Some of Rob’s properties includes a $2.4 million and a $1.4 million home in Los Angeles. Six cars including a Porsche Panamera, 69 Camaro, Blacked-Out Tahoe, Tahoe version 2, T-rex, Continental GT, and a Chevy Sonic.

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