Personal Details About Rob Dyke’s Success Online, His Girlfriend and Other Facts About The YouTuber

In the modern world, the world of entertainment is no longer an autocracy under the control of Hollywood executives as there has been a revolution in the way media content is consumed. Today, through websites like YouTube, anyone with a creative bone can create a piece of media and share it with the world. Through the aforementioned video-sharing website, a number of names have risen to become internet celebrities and even international stars, such as Rob Dyke, an Irish-American storyteller.

Dyke has earned a reputation via YouTube as a comedian and storyteller through his two major series, Seriously Strange and Why Would You Put That on The Internet. The success and popularity of both series, which is due to Rob’s impressive ability to tell fascinating and entertaining stories, has made him the owner of a channel with millions of subscribers with several million views to go with it. With such popularity, it is only natural that the YouTuber is someone that piques the interest of many people who are willing to follow his personal life as much as they keep up with his career.

Rob Dyke Has a Degree In Criminal Justice

If you ask him today, Rob Dyke would rather you refer to himself as Rob Gavagan, having implemented a change in his name for his work as a YouTuber. He was born on the 28th of October 1987 in Massachusetts, New England to parents who are believed to be of Irish origin.

For his education, he is known to have attended Mount Wachusett Community College where he earned a degree in Criminal Justice. He is also believed to have earned a GED in October 2008.

With the use of his degree, he worked in a number of professional roles like being a Private Investigator, Executive Protection Specialist, Undercover Store Security, and as a counselor for sexual offenders.

September 2012 Marked The Begining of His Journey To Stardom

Rob Dyke
Rob Dyke with a friend for one of his videos

Rob Dyke was practically a nobody until he created his YouTube channel on the 10th of September, 2012. The channel, which has since been named Rob Gavagan, started off with comedy sketches and vlogs, two of the most popular contents on the website. However, after a while of uploading vlogs and sketches, Rob sought to make something unique of himself on the platform and began his two series; Seriously Strange and Why Would You Put That on the Internet.

Seriously Strange began in 2014 and is a horror series where he explores various strange and horrific stories, particularly in the true crime genre. The series has its own subseries which include Serial Killer Files, Twisted Tens, Truth or Tale, Seriously Strange Primary, and Caught on Camera where he discusses acquired footage of strange incidents that were caught on camera.

The second popular series, Why Would You Put That on the Internet, is a more relaxed and comedic series where he discusses videos and other media that are believed to be too ridiculous. The content here is usually sent to him on the internet by his subscribers. The series started in January 2013 and has new videos uploaded usually on Friday or Saturday. For Seriously Strange, he often uploads his videos on Wednesdays.

Aside from his two major shows, Rob Dyke also runs shows like Social Autopsy, Question Everything, Seriously Ask, and Zombie Horse.

Factors That Contributed To Rob Dyke’s Success Online

With his major series and sub-series, Rob Dyke’s channel has become one of the most popular channels on YouTube, especially in his genre. He boasts of over 3 million subscribers and over 550 million views as of June 2020.

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If you ask Rob, he’d assert that he has thrived as an internet celebrity because he offers his audience a unique and new experience. According to him, his channel stands out from others as it contains an equal measure of comedy and tragedy.

Rob Dyke studied Criminal Justice and it doesn’t take much to deduce that his knowledge in the field has helped him succeed as a YouTuber. This is apparent when one follows his Seriously Strange series where his experience as a Private Investigator is exposed.

In addition to the foregoing, Rob is a collaborative YouTuber and has worked with other YouTubers such as Matthew Santoro, Loeybug, Cayleigh Elise, and a few others. This has helped him in no small manner to reach out to a larger audience and grow his fame and fortune as he is estimated to have a net worth of $1 million.

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Why Rob Dyke Changed His Name

As mentioned above, Rob Dyke has decided to change his name to Rob Gavagan. From what we learned, he ditched Dyke because it is an offensive slur for lesbians and the fact that his channel is often ignored for advertising opportunities. The YouTuber once explained that he also did not want the name to stand between him and other career opportunities. For instance, he is working on being an author and wouldn’t want his name to distract people from what he has to offer.

His Problems With YouTube

In a lengthy Facebook post sometime in June 2017, Rob Dyke asserted that he is not a YouTuber anymore. He decried the platform for pulling the plug on him because of the kind of content he creates.

Based on what he said, he no longer takes pride in being called a YouTuber because of the unreal content that thrives on the platform. For him, YouTube is now a platform with double standards but he still shares his content on the site because he is very passionate about what he does. You can read everything he said below:

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A Look At Rob Dyke’s Love Life

When you are famous, fans and people in general often want to know about your relationship status. And while the phenomenon is well documented for traditional celebrities in Hollywood, popular YouTubers are not exempt from it, including Rob Dyke whose relationship status is a subject of interest.

So far, Rob doesn’t appear to be in any known relationship although comments from his YouTube videos suggest he used to be in one. The identity of the said former girlfriend is unknown. At the moment, he appears to be focusing on bettering his life.

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