The influence celebrities have on the society is absolutely incredible. Rihanna recently posted a photo of herself on Twitter wearing the $8,895 Dolce and Gabbana headphone and in the next 24 hours, after receiving almost 170k RT and over 270k likes, the sellers reported that the luxury piece has been sold out. A headphone with an unnecessary crown and a four-figure price tag sounds like something that would stay in the stores for a while but apparently, if you can get a celebrity like Rihanna to wear it, it will practically become a trend and fans will make sure it is sold out before you say RiRi. Surprisingly, the songstress didn’t even include Dolce & Gabanna in the tweet, she was barely promoting her much-anticipated album (which was finally released on the 28th of January) but it was in the place of her curious fans to figure it out and my! did they do a fast job?

Rihanna headphones

The Italian designers collaborated with audio company Frends who makes stylish female headphones to create their dream version of headphones. Handmade in Italy, Riri’s headphones features a crown embellished with Swarovski pearls and crystals which are perhaps the reason for the insane price, a gold-toned brass filigree and bronze Nappa leather to cushion the ears. For those who buy D&G’s idea of dream headphones but can’t afford to shell out their rent money for Riri’s type, no need to worry, the Italian men designed other fair priced versions. Within the price range of $3,500 and $7,000, you can get the fur version which comes in many colors or the embellished leather ones. The luxury headphones made their debut on the runway of Dolce & Gabbana’s fall 2015 runway.

Rihanna Dolce & Gabbana headphone 2

Speaking of her ANTI album, it is the 8th studio album the singer has released. Thanks to Samsung who have already purchased 1 million copies of the album, it has received platinum certification from the RIAA despite controversies as regards to whether the album is a hit or not. If the speed of her album sales would be anywhere close to the rate at which the luxury headpiece sold out, then the star stands to rake in multi-million and would definitely be featuring on this year’s list of highest-paid celebrities.