A Walk through The Maze Of Ricky William’s Kids, His Marriages and How He Spends His Money

Ricky Williams is a former NFL player who later became a college football coach and currently works as ESPN’s football analyst for Longhorn Network. He is a College Football Hall of Fame inductee and during his college days, he represented the University of Texas Longhorn in NCAA American football for 4 years. After that, he enjoyed an illustrious professional career that spanned 12 Seasons across 3 foremost teams in the National Football League (NFL) and 1 in the Canadian Football League (CFL).

In those years, he won several awards, including the notable Heismann trophy which is given to outstanding American college football players. However, as his career moved on to the professional level in the NFL, Ricky faced a major set back due to his usage of marijuana. He failed his drug tests on several occasions for which he paid hefty fines. His retirement was even met with mixed feelings as many believed he was dismissed due to another violation of the league’s drug laws. However, that’s not all there is to it.

Ricky Williams Left The NFL To Establish A Cannabis Business

Ricky’s NFL days are marked with both high and low times. There were times when many will sing his praise after a great performance but he had several low moments, especially when he repeatedly failed his drug tests. Even his retirement was believed to have been triggered by an alleged drug test that he failed. Reports also have it that the former NFL player who earned about $20 million in salary during his career days lost about $5 to $10 million as he was fined heftily for each default.

When he officially left the NFL in 2012, many rumoured it was triggered by another failed drug test. The rumours even heightened when Ricky, who sees himself as a cannabis advocate toed the path of making a career out of marijuana. He initially started out as the co-founder of Power Plant Fitness and Wellness which has been described as a cannabis-friendly gym located in San Francisco. He later ventured into the creation of healing products and plant supplements made with marijuana which led to the establishment of Real Wellness in 2018.

In just a couple of years after setting up Real Wellness, Ricky has recorded a huge success as his business is gaining recognition rapidly. His products are being used by many individuals in the United States and he has a website dedicated to selling his goods, as well as creating awareness about the benefits of herbal medications.

More so, the former NFL player is a believer of supernatural forces and during his journey to what he described as finding peace in his inner being, he dabbled into some traditional Hindu worship. Ricky travelled to India and studied the Hindu belief system from which he believed he got a lot of inner satisfaction. He is also skilled in acupuncture and sees himself as a spiritual healer.

The Former NFL Player’s Net Worth Is Not What It Should Be, Here’s Why

As of 2020, Ricky Williams’ net worth is estimated to be around $4 million. This figure should have been much higher than this but the former athlete spent quite a fortune in bailing himself during the times he failed the NFL drug tests and this greatly affected his income.

More so, he lost about $6 million to Peggy Ann Fulford during his days with the NFL as he entrusted her with millions of dollars to invest on his behalf. However, Peggy, who claimed to be a real estate investor, coned not only Ricky but a couple of other athletes too as she did not possess any of the professional skills to manage investment portfolios as she claimed.

The former NFL player has also used a huge chunk of his money in paying for child support. Sometime in 2005, one of Ricky’s baby mama’s dragged him to court and was able to seal a deal of $4,200 as a monthly payment for child support.

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Asides setting up his business, Ricky Williams is not a man who leads a glamorous life so there are no details about the type of cars he rides. It is believed that what was left of his money after his NFL career days were invested in his business ventures in the cannabis industry.

The Former NFL Player Has Been Married Twice

His first attempt at matrimony revealed some lesser-known habits in the former NFL player but he seems to have settled down for good with his second wife.

Ricky’s First Marriage Was To Kristin Barnes

Ricky Williams’ path crossed with that of his first wife, Kristin back in 2001 when she was working as part of New Orlean Saints team’s plane crew. They had a long-term relationship which they made official on September 4th 2009 when they exchanged marriage vows. The couple remained married for about 7 years before they finalized their divorce in 2016.

Prior to the official annulment of their marriage, Kristin revealed in an interview with Sports Illustrated that her ex-husband had a queer way of living. She pointed to the fact that on their second date, Ricky made it known that he had numerous female friends and he loved to travel but would not be travelling with her on his numerous trips.

Although Kristin believes the former NFL player has a good aspect as he is not materialistic, she also revealed that he does not create emotional bonds with people, including his family members. Whenever he is not home, no one misses him, even his kids because he is always lost in his own world and shuts everyone out most of the time.

His Current Wife, Linnea Is His Business Partner

Ricky Williams wife Linnea Miron
Ricky Williams and his wife Linnea Miron: Image source

Ricky’s current wife, Linnea Miron has had quite a good influence in his life, not just because she is business inclined but like the ex-NFL player, she also has an interest in astrology and traditional treatment.

Not much is known about how their relationship started but it was gathered that they met back in 2015. About two years later, they got married and had to fix their wedding date on June 23, 2017, with the time set at 7:25 p.m. in order to correspond with Ricky’s astrology app as they believed a new cycle of life will start by then.

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The pair have also worked hard in establishing quite a number of ventures which range from setting up Freedom Football League to advocate for NFL teams to be owned by NFL players together with fans down to establishing Real Wellness. They also worked together on an online dating app which works on the beliefs of astrology.

The Truth About Ricky’s Kids

Currently, Ricky Williams has 5 children. His ex-wife Kristin Barnes is the mother of 3 of his kids, Asher, Elijah and Prince. His other two kids came from two different ladies, however, we know that the name of one of his baby mamas is Cheri Clark who happens to be the mother of Kekoa Blaze Williams. With regards to his daughter, Marley Williams not much is known about her maternal background.

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Where Is Ricky Williams Now?

As mentioned earlier, Ricky Williams currently works as ESPN’s football analyst for Longhorn Network. He is also very occupied with running his business, Real Wellness together with his wife Linnea Miron. The pair who reside in San Diego have teamed up to build quite an impressive herbal treatment centre.

More so, the former NFL player was seen on the 2019 edition of Celebrity Big Brother U.S. Although he did not win the title, Ricky emerged as the runner up with TV personality, Tamar Braxton winning the title.

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