Facts That Prove Ricky Garcia In His Chosen Career Pursuits and His Personal Life

Ricky Garcia is an American actor and singer best known for being a member of the pop boy band known as “Forever in Your Mind”. As an actor, the young Puerto Rico-American star is known for gracing the screen with a role in the Disney television series, Best Friends Whenever.

With his good looks and nice physique, the youngster has also dabbled into modelling but he first came into the spotlight as a contestant of a reality series The X Factor. Today, the youngster finds himself among top young celebrities making a wave in the entertainment industry.

Ricky Garcia Is The Youngest In His Family

Ricardo Rene Garcia Jr is the son of a US navy marine, he was born on January 22, 1999, in a US Navy base located in Puerto Rico where his father served. He is the youngest of three children born to his parents, Garcia’s childhood was filled with relocations, apparently due to the nature of his father’s job. Thus, while he was born in Puerto Rico, he, however, grew up in San Antonio, Texas, where his family later moved to. Moving to the United States gave him the opportunity to eventually begin his career in show business.

Ricky Garcia is of Mexican and German descent. Regarding his educational background, the American pop singer is yet to reveal his academic achievements so far but he appears to have nursed a passion for singing since his early years and only took a major step towards achieving his dreams after relocating with his family to Texas. Another move saw the actor and his family relocate to California.

Before Acting, He Modelled And Joined A Music Band

Ricky’s first approach in the show business was as a model although he never pursued it as a full-time career. Instead, he decided to work on his singing career. He was known in his local community for singing Justin Bieber‘s songs and impersonating him but his talent caught a wider population after he auditioned for the third season of the famous reality television series, the X-Factor.

Ricky secured a spot on the X-Factor singing competition at the age of 14 and although he was eliminated on the show’s early stage, his talent caught the attention of one of the judges – Simon Cowell. Considering the fact that Cowell is known for having an eye for raw talents, it didn’t come as a surprise that Ricky got picked because he has what it takes.

The record executive teamed him up with Jon Klaasen and Emery Kelly to form a music band he named Forever in Your Mind. The trio’s first music was a cover of Jonas Brothers’ ‘Lovebug’ which they sang during the contest while on November 7, 2013, they released their first music video, ‘She Lights the World’.

When Klaasen left the band in June 2014, he was replaced by Liam Attridge, Emery Kelly’s cousin, and together, they released a number of medley songs including ‘This Is Me’, ‘Cruisin’ for a Bruisin’ and ‘Rotten to the Core’. Ricky Garcia co-wrote the band’s first single from their EP, ‘Hurricane’ which was aired on April 29, 2016. Their singles, Rabbit Hole” and “Smooth” were both released in 2017.

Though it is not clear f the band is still together as there has been no new release from them since 2018, Ricky has branched off to launch his solo career with his new single “Lock it Up”.

His Acting Career Pursuits Began On Stage

Most singers end up making a few appearances in films and TV shows and Ricky Garcia is not an exception. While causing waves as a pop singer, he has also taken on some notable film roles such as Naldo in Disney’s comedy series Best Friends Whenever, where his band sang the show’s theme song Whenever”.

He also starred in Mantervention as Matt, in Girl Meets World as Arsha Garcia, and in It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia as Jake. Ricky revealed he began acting at the age of 10 and he started off with some theatre shows before working his way to the screens.

Estimates Put His Net Worth In Millions

Ricky Garcia is one of the many youngsters who are set to take show business by storm in the near future. As a talented pop singer and actor, he has been able to monetize from the industry. However, just how much he has made is not entirely clear. Some online sources have estimated his net worth to fall between $1 million and $5 million.

Ricky Garcia Has Dated A Handful of Fellow Celebrities

Ricky Garcia is a fine young man with a distinctive figure. He has a good body build that stands at 5 ft 9 inches with a weight of 68 kg which. If you add his chest, arms/biceps, and waist measurements that are pegged at 39 inches (99 cm), 13 inches (33 cm) and 32 inches (81 cm) respectively, you would have an eye candy in whom many fans are well pleased.

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Regarding Ricky’s personal life, the young actor and singer is not yet married but he has dated a number of beautiful ladies. One of his girlfriends known to the public is Chloe Lukasiak, a famous American reality TV star, actress, model, and dancer. She is best known for being part of the reality series, Dance Moms, and for winning the Teen Choice’s 2015 “Choice Dancer” award.

Ricky Garcia
Ricky Garcia with Chloe Lukasiak – image source

Ricky and Chloe only dated for one year before they went their separate ways and although they did not give reasons behind their break up, sources blamed it on their busy schedules. Before Chloe, there was Destiny Rogers, a dancer whom he confirmed their affairs on ASKfm. Their relationship came to a sudden end after Ricky’s interest moved to Chloe.

The actor is also rumoured to have dated a model known as Beatrice Vendramin. The two were spotted together at the Radio Disney Music Awards. As of this writing, it is not clear if he is dating anyone.

Garcia Was Raped As A Minor

In September 2019, Garcia dropped a bomb when he added his voice to the Me Too movement that has seen the unveiling of shocking sexual assault incidents involving top personalities.

According to a statement released by his attorneys after filing a lawsuit, Garcia was sexually abused as a minor by someone who was supposed to manage his career. The lawsuit named the actor’s former manager Joby Harte as the offender who preyed on an innocent 12-year-old, using him as a sex toy for many years. Initially, he intoxicated him before perpetrating the hideous act but it continued and by his 16th birthday, it became a regular occurrence.

Sexually abusing Garcia wasn’t enough for Harte who went on to pass him around for his cohorts to have a go, the statement revealed. Ricky Garcia credited God, his family, and supportive friends for helping him through the period he decided to call the industry executives out for their crime. Taking to Instagram, he shared his story, urging anyone who is passing through the same ordeal to open up because they are not alone.

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