An Inside Look At Ricky Berwick’s Personal Life and The Disease Condition He Has

YouTube; the online home of the diversity in human behaviors and personality. More than television, the site has become the one-stop platform for both creators and viewers of various interest and niches to congregate, learn and have fun. The low barrier of entry also makes it inclusive and possible for disadvantaged individuals such as Ricky Berwick to create their own place on the medium.

YouTube as a community might not be perfect but its ability to give individuals such as Ricky Berwick a platform to express themselves and connect with people all around the world, which might not necessarily be the case in his local environment is part of what makes the platform one of the millennium’s greatest creations.

Ricky Berwick can boast of over a million subscribers on his channel with over 100 million views. The YouTube star is surely a fascinating creator and there is plenty to learn about him.

Who is Ricky Berwick and How Old is He? 

Canada is home to several notable personalities involved in the arts, from music to acting to comedy. The country can also boast of being home to YouTube star, Ricky Berwick. He was born in the North American country on the 23rd of April, 1992 in Ontario. Ricky was born to parents – Devon and Barbara Berwick. Other than these basic facts about the man, there is very little public information about him. This is a deliberate scenario created by Ricky himself who has chosen not to expose his family history. The secrecy of his background hasn’t kept him from becoming a social media star with over 200,000 followers on his Twitter account alone.

Ricky Berwick is a cat lover. He owns two of the furry creatures, both of whom are named Sonny and Shady.

Details of His YouTube Career

If one were to describe Ricky Berwick’s fame through YouTube has an overnight success, it would both equally be true and wrong. Wrong because while he came onto the limelight in 2016, but he uploaded his first video in 2006.

The Ontario-based YouTube star had fallen in love with video content creation since he was a teenager and took to the platform to share it with the world. Unfortunately, the videos failed to find its audience at the time. This led to a nine-year break from online video publishing on his part.

His overnight success would be considered true because when he decided to give it another chance in the summer of 2016, he went viral. Choosing to post on Twitter this time, the video, which was of him yelling and eating McDonald’s fries went viral. The virality of the video was further compounded by a reposting on Facebook.

This led to an overnight explosion of his Twitter page and he took advantage of it by posting more videos before he eventually took his established audience to YouTube. Since that explosion in 2016 and the subsequent return to active YouTube publishing, Ricky Berwick has grown his online presence across YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook.

A man with an unusual deformity, he has leaned into his condition to create unusual videos, one that has led him to describe himself as “Your not so normal video entertainer”. On YouTube, Ricky can boast of over 145 million views from over 1500 videos he has published so far on his channel. His subscriber base has also increased to over a million subscribers.

As part of a thriving community of YouTube stars, Ricky Berwick has collaborated with other YouTubers like Daniel Keem and IDubbzTV. He has also made appearances on traditional television, featuring in an episode of the Comedy Central show, Tosh.0.

Ricky Berwick
Ricky on the Comedy Central show Tosh.0

His popularity has also led to commercial partnerships with brands like McDonald’s, DXRacer, and Reese’s.

Who Is His Mom?

Ricky Berwick has had several viral videos since he became a social media star in 2016. One of them was a video he uploaded in January 2018 titled Mom. The video has had over 4.5 million views. The video features him bouncing up and down a squeaky toy.

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What Disease Does He have?

The human body is not a perfect machine. It possesses several design flaws and for a majority of the population, the flaws are minute enough to go about their daily activities with relative ease. However, in a smaller portion of the population, the flaws are very pronounced, like in Ricky Berwick who suffers from Beals-Hecht syndrome.

The condition which has confined Ricky to a wheelchair for the rest of his life is a genetic disorder that affects less than one person in every 10,000 births per year. The syndrome, as evident in Ricky Berwick, causes a person to have elongated toes and fingers along with contracted muscles, making it impossible to perform muscular activities like walking.

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