Rick Steves’ Ex Wife Anne Steves: The Details About Their Children and Divorce

There are people who enjoy keeping a low profile; some are celebrities while others such as Anne Steves are married to popular celebrities. While her husband is busy making the rounds in the media, Anne is busy enjoying a low profile life void of media attraction and publicity.

The lesser-known Anne Steves is popularly known as the wife of notable American television personality, author and travel guide writer Richard Steves. Rick is the host of the television series titled Rick Steves’ Europe that airs on PBS. The couple had a long-term companionship which was cut short by irreconcilable differences which led to a divorce. After being married for more than a decade, the couple went their separate ways in 2010. Read on, to find out more about Rick Steves’ ex-wife.

Who is Rick Steves’ Ex-Wife Anne Steves?

Anne Steves is the ex-wife of the famous television personality Rick Steves. Rick is the author of several Europe Travel guides and the star of the show Travel with Rick Steves as well as Rick Steves’ Europe. She holds American nationality and belongs to White ethnicity. However, there is no information regarding her childhood, parents, siblings, educational history, and career.

She came into the limelight following her marriage to Rick Steves. Rick was born in Barstow, California in the United States of America on May 10, 1955. He attended the University of Washington. Rick has been tutoring travel classes at The Experimental College as well as his Alma mater, the University of Washington. He has written several summer tour guides for Europe tourists. He wrote the first edition of his travel guide in 1979, it was titled Europe Through the Back Door and he further opened a storefront business called Rick Steves’ Europe Through the Back Door. The store is located in Edmonds, Washington, north of Seattle.

Additionally, Anne’s ex-husband started his television series titled Travels in Europe with Rick Steves. The show premiered in April 1991 and ended in 1998. He also started his second show with Rick Steves’ Europe from 2000 and it has been running to date. Rick is also an advocate for independent travel as most of his books and television shows are directed to the American audience.

Asides from his television shows, Rick is a political and civil advocate, he is a member of the Democratic Party and also endorsed Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential election campaign. He spends one-third of every year in researching guidebooks and also shooting his television shows.

Their Wedding

The goal of every successful relationship is to create an everlasting bond. Just like the marital vow, to love and cherish each other until death. Anne and Rick have been long-term sweethearts and their relationship lasted for several years before they finally sealed their love in nuptial bond. According to different news sources, the couple had their wedding in St. Thomas of Villanova and the after party was held at Saint David Gold Club. Her bridal bouquet was decorated with roses and traces of Hydrangea.

After their wedding, things started turning cozy for the perfect couple who were always touring the whole of Europe. The bond between them blossomed for so many years and they both have two children.


anne steves
Anne’s ex-husband Rick Steves and son Andy Steves

Their marriage was blessed with two children, a son named Andy Steves and a daughter Jackie Steves. The kids are all grownups now and have followed the same career path of their father. Andy has founded a travel company called Weekend Student Adventures Europe and has authored a travel guide titled Andy Steves’ Europe: City-Hopping on a Budget. Andy alongside his sister Jackie spends time traveling around Europe researching guidebooks and filming television shows with their father. They also opened a travel blog where travelers can go and find relevant information.


There are varieties of issues that could lead to a divorce in marriage, both young and adults alike experiences divorce. Anne and Rick’s relationship was all rosy until when things turned sour between the power couple. The issues between them lingered and the only possible option left was a divorce. Their divorce process was completed in 2010 and the issues that led to their divorce have not been disclosed by both parties till date. Many of Rick’s fans never believed that the amazing companionship between him and Anne would abruptly come to an end. After the separation, both parties got equal custody of their children and since then there are no traces of future relationships from Anne or Rick till date. Rick currently resides in Edmond, Washington in the United States.

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