Truth About Richard Buckley, His Net Worth And Marriage To Tom Ford

The love life between the stunning fashion designer, Tom Ford and his partner, Richard Buckley, is one that would fit a very beautiful story in Hollywood as a fantasy series. It is exclusive, a true example of love at first sight; the couple has indeed found that secret to relationship longevity.

Thomas Carlyle Ford is a very popular figure, especially in the fashion industry. Known professionally as Tom Ford, the Austin, Texas native has also made a name for himself in the entertainment industry as a screenwriter, film producer, and director. But outside his professional life, there are a lot more to know about him, especially the part that relates to his spouse, Richard Buckley. Who is Richard Buckley, what is he about? These and many more we would answer as you read on.

Richard Buckley Biography

Richard Buckley is an American journalist, editor, and performer who is best known as the husband of a renowned fashion designer, Tom Ford. Richard is a white American born in the United States in 1948. However, he is yet to reveal any information about his past, especially the one that has to do with his childhood years, his education, parents, and sibling(s).

What is His Net Worth?

Before Richard Buckley officially tied the nuptial knot with his fashion designing spouse, he lived his life privately. He built his career in journalism and editing but he is also known as a performer. Buckley served as the editor-in-chief for Vogue Hommes International. He has also contributed to the success of several other publications such as Vanity Fair, W, Dutch, Mirabella, and WWD. According to Celebrity net worth, Richard Buckley has accumulated as much as $20 million in net worth

With his spouse, Richard lives a rich and luxurious lifestyle. He has a house in Los Angeles and in London.

He had an acting stint in a minor role

It wouldn’t be bad to add acting to the list of things Richard Buckley has found himself involved in. Though uncredited, Richard played a role in a 2009 drama film, Single Man which was directed by his partner, Tom Ford. The movie which was based on Christopher Isherwood’s novel of the same title which premiered on September 11, 2009, in Venice, Italy, during the 66th International Film Festival. It featured actors like Colin Firth, Nicholas Hoult, Jon Kortajarena, Teddy Sears, Ryan Simpkins and many more. The film later became a hit, raking in about $25 million on the box office.

He met Tom Ford days after arriving the US

Richard Buckley (left) and his spouse, Tom Ford

Just like every other couple who are deeply in love with each other, Richard and Ford’s love life is quite classic. The journalist met his fashion designer partner at a mutual friend’s fashion show on New Year’s Eve of 1986. Actually, it was Buckley that first saw Ford but the stories of their lives changed after the two noticed each other because, within a very short time, they were already in love with each other.

Buckley met Tom Ford the same month he arrived in New York from Paris where he spent three years of his life. At the time of their meeting, Richard was doing some editorial job for a new Fairchild magazine called Scene. It was, in fact, on the fourth day of his arrival to New York City that he came in contact with Ford.

He dated Ford for three decades before they got married

Ford and Buckley were officially married in 2014 but the started dating in 1986 which means they dated for 28 years before they tied the knots. Among other things, they mentioned respect for each other as among the things that aided their marital bliss. The couple is now blessed with a son Alexander John Buckley Ford who is believed to have been born through a surrogate.

Who is his partner, Tom Ford?

Richard’s partner, Tom Ford was born August 27, 1961, in Austin, Texas. He studied art history at New York University for one year before he dropped out and moved to The New School’s art and design college where he studied interior architecture. However, his love for fashion was discovered while he was working as an intern at a French luxury fashion house named Chloé but after several trials to join the industry, he finally got a chance when Cathy Hardwick called him for an interview.

His fame partly began in Milan when he joined the Italian fashion house, Gucci, as it’s brand’s chief women’s ready-to-wear designer. His role helped in the rapid recovery of the already dying fashion house. As of 1993, Ford was in charge of Gucci’s eleven product lines but he left the company in April 2004.

In 2006, two years after leaving Gucci, Ford launched his own eponymous line of menswear, eyewear, beauty, and accessories. Since then, he has designed for many male and female celebrities like Michelle Obama, Julianne Moore, Will Smith, Anne Hathaway, Beyoncé, and Jennifer Lopez. As a film director, he has directed the drama film, A Single Man and the psychological thriller film, Nocturnal Animals.

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