Fast Facts About Renee Portnoy’s Life Before Fame, Marriage and Divorce From David Portnoy

One of the unyielding truths about being a famous person is the elevation of your personal life as newsworthy content, and this often means the elevation of one’s spouse and relatives as public personalities. That is something that David Portnoy, who became famous through his creation of Barstool Sports, is well too familiar with. The popularity of the website has made David and his now ex-wife Renee Portnoy public personalities.

While David has become known for many controversies, including an incident where he handcuffed himself to the floor of the NFL Headquarters, his ex-wife is more reserved and only makes the news alongside David. Yet, there is a growing interest among David’s fans in his personal life, specifically who his ex-wife is.

Renee Portnoy Is an Equestrian

Renee Portnoy was born on the 5th of May 1987 in Abington, Massachusetts, to Christian parents; and her maiden name is Satterthwaite. Much of her background information is unknown, but we know that she grew up with love for animals, particularly horses, which she has since made a career out of as an adult.

Renee Portnoy grew up as an equestrian, riding horses from the age of eight. She nurtured and sustained her love and interest in the field into adulthood, where she now works as an Equine Buyer.

Renee Portnoy
A young Renee Portnoy: image source

Before she began her professional career working for SmartPak, she attended Boston University, where she earned a Bachelor’s Degree in International Relations and Business.

Renee then proceeded to join Smart Pak in 2010 and began working for the company as a senior buyer, working her way up the company to become the director of merchandising. Her career with SmartPak, a horse-riding gear retailer, is one of the manifestations of a lifelong relationship with equestrianism.

She Used to Be a Viner

Renee Portnoy has never been the type to court media attention. She prefers to keep her personal life out of the reach of a thirsty fanbase. However, for a brief period between 2013 and 2014, Renee was a Viner. She made multiple videos documenting varying aspects of her life on the now-defunct platform.

A lot of her content revolved around her work with horses and watching them race. Others include date nights with David Portnoy, including attending concert events.

Her love for animals does not end at horses. She is also a lover of dogs and has made significant contributions in providing a good life for dogs across the country. Renee is an advocate for the adoption of pets. She is also a financial and vocal supporter of Nantucket Island Safe Harbor for Animals.

Renee Portnoy’s love for animals also means she has a few of them, specifically, dogs and horses. She and her ex-husband own several horses, and she rides them competitively. She began riding competitively in 2012. Her first competition was in tin the Ariat National Adult Medal Finals. The former couple has also spent a significant share of their time at the Kentucky Derby.

Renee and David Portnoy’s Marriage Lasted for Eight Years

You would not find much background information about how Renee Portnoy and David met each other, but we know that they became husband and wife in 2009. According to available information, Renee and David have been together long before he established his website, Barstool Sports.

The couple, during their time together, never had any children. Things seemed fine in the Portnoy household until 2017. After years of companionship and happiness, they decided to go their separate ways officially in 2017.

Renne Portnoy
Renee Portnoy with her former husband, David Portnoy: image source

No one knows precisely why the couple chose to part ways after eight years of being married. Some speculators have suggested it was infidelity, while that is a common reason, it is still unconfirmed.

The Divorce Contributed to Her Wealth

Between her career with SmartPak and the divorce from David Portnoy, Renee has an estimated net worth of $2 million. Based on calculations from various sources, she amassed her wealth through years of being an equine buyer and a lucrative executive position at SmartPak.

The exact settlement of her divorce from David Portnoy remains unknown. But considering he is worth an estimated $118 million, Renee earned a significant sum from their divorce. Aside from money, she also got the couple’s $2 million Nantucket mansion after they parted.

Her ex-husband’s $118 million wealth comes from being part-owner of one of the biggest sports websites in America. The company established in 2003, has risen to become a part of the American sports ecosystem and regularly features contributions from athletes across the spectrum of American Sports.

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Fans Still Consider Her the First Lady of Barstool Sports

During her time with David Portnoy, Renee earned the title of the first lady of Barstool Sports; she is still regarded as such to date by fans of the website. It is even more interesting to note that she earned the title without being featured on the website in any way.

All through her years of being with David Portnoy, Renee Portnoy never appeared in any of the videos or podcasts of the site, and neither on any other external media platform except for KFC Radio, where she appeared once as a guest on the show, #Mailtime.

All evidence points to the belief that Renee Portnoy is a single woman. In contrast, since she parted ways with David Portnoy, he has dated and broken up with another woman named Jordyn Hamilton.

Renee has a height of 5 feet 7 inches, which is well above the national average for American women, which stands at 5 feet 4 inches. She also has a bodyweight of 64 kg and has additional noticeable features like blonde hair and blue eyes. By conventional and unconventional standards, she is a beautiful woman.

Going by that, she is most definitely not short of suitors and admirers. But as a look through her social media pages shows, it appears her first love is animals and any potential suitor has to compete with them.

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