A Look At Renda St Clair Who Has Been Rex Tillerson’s Wife For Over 3 Decades

Rex Tillerson is no mean figure by any definition. His attainments in both business and politics speak to the high heavens. Notably, he is the immediate past chairman and CEO of Exxon Mobil as well as the immediate past U.S. Secretary of State. And if it is true that, behind every successful man is a woman, as they say, get ready to know more about Renda St Clair, the woman behind Tillerson’s huge successes.

In this post, we are poised to launch deep, wide, and yet briefly into the life, career and other interesting facts about this apparently great wife of a great man, Renda. We shall be touching on her biography and family life. But, we shall also have cause to consider other key and hidden facts about her. So, just don’t go away.

Who is Renda St Clair?

As already hinted, Renda St Clair is unarguably best known as the current wife of the 69th US Secretary of State and ex-CEO of Exxon Mobil, Rex Tillerson. She was reportedly born in 1957 in Bartonville Texas, USA.

Well, not quite much is known about Renda before she married Rex. So, it’s not much of a surprise that her actual date of birth is unknown to the public and the media. Neither could we access any relevant detail regarding her early life influences such as her education history.

It is, however, public knowledge that Renda St Clair’s marriage with Rex Tillerson is her second. She is reported to have a son from her previous marriage. Having married Tillerson, Renda is now also known as a co-owner with her husband of a Bartonville Texas-based ranch, Bar RR Ranches LLC, where they breed horses.

What About Her Family Life?

renda st. clair rex tillerson
Renda St Clair poses with her husband Rex Tillerson: Image source

As well reported, Renda St Clair did not stay long after her first marriage crashed before she met her future second husband, Rex Tillerson. Just as Renda already had a son from her previous marriage, Tillerson also had twin sons from a previous marriage as well. He had the twin boys with a woman named Jamie Lee Henry who is said to be his high school bandmate.

When Renda met Rex, they were said to have immediately fallen in love and began dating. By 1983, they were already living together. Then, they eventually wedded on June 21, 1986, in an event held in Harris County, Texas State. Renda St Clair and her husband Rex are now parents to their four children – Tillerson’s two sons from his previous marriage and Renda’s son from her own previous marriage. Then, in 1988, the couple had a son named Tyler Tillerson together. The couple now has grandchildren also. They have since mutually adopted their sons from previous marriages. Therefore, they also share their grandchildren as well.

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She Became Famous After Marrying Rex Tillerson

It is obvious that not much was going on for Renda St Clair until she married her second husband Rex. Nothing was known about her before then, even her first husband’s name is hard to find.

However, since marrying Rex, her life has experienced a turn-around characterized by an increase in both fame and fortune. Since then, she has been actively involved in the show business industry as well as politics as the wife of a famous personality Rex Tillerson. This has most understandably increased her fame in no small measure.

Renda St Clair Is A Cowgirl/Rancher

By marrying Rex, Renda St Clair has also become popular as a co-owner of Bar RR Ranches LLC in Bartonville Texas. It may interest you to know that the ‘RR’ part of the name of the ranch, stands for ‘Rex Renda’.

Renda St Clair has not only become the co-owner of Bar RR Ranches LLC, but she is so good at ranching and the cowgirl lifestyle that she earned the Fern Sawyer Award in 2012. For your information, it is the National Cowgirl Museum and Hall of Fame, Fort Worth, Texas that gives the award.

How Much Money Does She Make?

From the fact that Renda St Clair rather than her husband is an award-winning rancher, we can comfortably conclude that Renda is the one whose ranch managerial prowess is behind the success of the ranch she co-owns with her husband. Consequently, she will likely be earning more from the ranch. According to sources, the upper limit earning for ranchers is $69,620 per hour; that gives you an idea of how much Renda earns.

She has also been reported to be involved in the show business as well. However, her current financial value cannot be ascertained at the moment. She probably shares in her husband’s huge net worth widely estimated at $300 million.

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