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During the battle for the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh’s status as a judge of the United States Supreme Court, there were a lot of names that made the news in regards to the judge’s background. One of those names was Renate Dolphin, who made the news for two reasons – signing a letter to the Senate about the character of Brett Kavanaugh and the appearance of her name in the judge’s high school yearbook.

After making those appearances, Renate Dolphin became the subject of debate and inquest from several media outlets who sought to know more about her.

In this article, we explore what was discovered and her reaction to her discovery of what Brett Kavanaugh thought of her.

Renate Dolphin Biography

For a long time, before the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh became the subject of national debate, Renate Dolphin lived quietly outside of media consciousness until she lent her voice to defend the character of Brett Kavanaugh.

Since then, we have learned that Renate, whose middle name is Schroeder was born in 1965 in Maryland, US and attended a Catholic Girls School. Much of her background remains unknown, with the exception that she was born to Christian parents, as shown by her choice of high school.

Although she attended Catholic Girls School, Brett Kavanaugh attended Georgetown Preparatory School which was a short distance from Renate Dolphin’s school, giving both personalities a chance to know of each other.

After graduation, while Brett Kavanaugh went on to have a very public career, Renate Dolphin has had a non-public life and the inquest into her life during the confirmation hearing has done very little to reveal details of her professional journey.

The only available information is she has relocated out of her home city to live in New Canaan, Connecticut where she works at the Health & Human Services Board of New Canaan as a member and secretary.

Everything You Need To Know About Renate Dolphin

She publicly supported Brett Kavanaugh

Having developed an idea of the kind of person Brett Kavanaugh was during their high school days, Renate Dolphin felt confident in defending his character when accusations of sexual assault were leveled against the Supreme Court judge by multiple women, spearheaded by Christine Blasey Ford.

She joined 63 other women to sign a letter defending and supporting his character, which was submitted to the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Renate Dolphin
Renate Dolphin (in the black dress) with a friend

Although the letter came under intense scrutiny by those who were opposed to the confirmation of the judge, it went a long way in helping his eventual confirmation as a Supreme Court judge.

Renate was mocked by Brett Kavanaugh in his high school yearbook

Perhaps if she had a bit of detail about an action performed by Renate Dolphin during his high school days, she may not have signed the letter but that was a piece of information that came to light after she had signed the letter in defense of his character.

Following the release of Brett Kavanaugh’s yearbook as part of the defense of his conduct during his high school years against the allegation of sexual assault, it was revealed that Brett Kavanaugh, along with other members of the Georgetown football team, made several slut-shaming comments about Renate Dolphin in the yearbook.

Brett Kavanaugh himself wrote ‘Renate Alumnus’ in the yearbook while other comments like ‘Renate’s Suicide Squad’ and ‘Chairman of the Board of Renate Club’ were mentioned multiple times in the book.

When Renate was confronted about the revelation, she claimed she had no understanding what it means and she simply hopes their respective daughters do not have to go through such experience.

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The True Nature of Brett and Renate’s Relationship

Following Renate Dolphin’s insistence of lacking the understanding of the comments in the book, the true nature of her relationship with Brett came into focus and despite the intervention of lawyers from both parties, there hasn’t been a clear-cut story of the history between Renate and Brett Kavanaugh.

While Brett claims to have only shared a goodnight kiss with Renate after a high school event, Renate insists that wasn’t the case and as yet to provide an alternative version of the story.

Renate is a tall woman

Maybe not WNBA career tall but Renate Dolphin is well above the average height for the American woman at a height of 5 feet 10 inches. She also has a bodyweight of 62 kg and body measurements of 34, 29 and 37 inches for her bust, waist, and hips respectively.

Additionally, she has dark brown hair and blue colored eyes.

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