Who Is Rena Lovelis, How Old Is She and Does She Have A Boyfriend?

Rena Lovelis has become recognized nationally and internationally for her talent with the bass guitar, which she plays with sheer excellence in dexterity, adding quality to songs of the pop-rock group, Hey Violet. Rena is an American music star and singer who is part of a growing group of young musicians who are taking over the music scene.

With her talent, Rena Lovelis has now become a famous name across America, thanks to a dream that began in 2008. She has been involved with music all her life and you can learn more about Rena Lovelis, her life, and career thus far by reading below.

Who is Rena Lovelis? How Old is She?

Among members of the group, Hey Violet, Rena Lovelis stands out not only as the lead singer of the band but also as the girl with the pink hair. Although her position as the lead singer of the group happened through controversial circumstance, it is a culmination of a relationship with music that began ever since she was a child.

Rena was born on the 6th of April, 1998 in New York but was then raised in Orangetown. Her birth name – Pyrena Lucrezia Morze Enea was given to her by her mother, Stacy Morze and her father, whose name in at the moment unknown. It is unclear if Rena Lovelis has more than one sibling due to the limited available information about her; but we know she has a sister, Nia Lovelis, who is also a member of the band.

Rena’s life-long relationship with music started with her parents. Her mother, Stacy Morse, who is more popularly known as Ana Lovelis, is a musician and an actress while her father is a keyboard technician and studio builder. As an actress, her mother has appeared in theatre productions such as of Fame, where she played the character, Grace Lamb. In music, her mother was a drummer for ‘Uke Til U Puke’. While Rena and Nia are both involved in music, it is her sister who has followed in the direct footsteps of her mother as a drummer.

Every musician has a musical instrument that connects them to their passion for music, like a lightning rod; for Rena Lovelis, that rod is a bass guitar. Ever since she played her first song, Boulevard of Broken Dreams, on a guitar, she has never looked back. Rena’s musical career began in middle school when she met Julia Pierce, who brought together a group of girls to form a hard rock group called Cherri Bomb. The original members of the group included Rena, her sister Nia, Miranda Miller and Julia herself.

The group did not have to wait very long before they landed a contract with Hollywood Records in June 2011. The contract enabled Rena and her group to release their first musical project for public consumption – an EP named Stark. The reception of the EP led to Cherri Bomb becoming opening acts for several other popular bands such as the Foo Fighters, Bush, Steel Panther and a couple of others. This led to exposure across America and Europe, where they opened for these established acts at various music festivals. Using the momentum garnered from touring, the group released its first album, This Is the End of Control in 2012. For a first full project, the album did fairly well, reaching number 24 on the Billboard Top Hard Rock Album chart.

In the following year, however, Julia Pierce, through controversial circumstances, was forced out of the group and Rena Lovelis was made the lead singer of the group, rebranding itself into present-day Hey Violet. This period of transition saw the group leave Hollywood Records and joined Hi or Hey Records.

Rena Lovelis
Rena Lovelis and other members of Hey Violet

Under the leadership of Rena, the group has released two EPs and a new album, From the Outside, which was released in 2017. Rena, like her mother, has also dabbled in a bit of acting. She has starred in Wish Upon and School of Rock.

Who is Her Boyfriend?

Rena Lovelis is well on her way to becoming a music icon and has, therefore, had an interest in her love life receives a significant increase. Well, for those who are curious, the musician is believed to be in a relationship with Robbie Picker, who is also a singer.

The couple has been together since 2017 and has regularly displayed their affection for each other on their social media pages.

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Other Facts About Her

1. She is 5 feet and 4 inches tall and she weighs 55kg.

2. She is a vegan.

3. She is a dog lover and she has a dog named Sarabella.

4. Rena Lovelis can often be seen with pink hair.

5. If you are wondering what her ethnicity is, Rena is of German, Italian, Russian and Polish descent.

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