Who is Regina Lasko (David Letterman’s Wife)? 5 Facts You Need To Know

Regina Lasko is a talented production forewoman that has effectively undertaken different assignments on several productions such as Another World, an exciting tale that documented the life of residents of the Midwestern town of Bay City. But her production career isn’t basically why she is widely known. People got interested in her when her husband David Letterman, the retired late night presenter was caught in the middle of various sex scandals in 2009. The gossips suggested that he was romantically attached to different women who worked for him. Below are some facts you must know about her including the scandal that rocked her union with the popular host.

5 Facts You Need To About Regina Lasko 

1. Early Life

Not much is known about her childhood or early education but her birth sign is Scorpio since she was born on November 20, 1960. She grew up in the USA and started working on TV shows before her marriage to David Letterman. Some of her past projects include Saturday Night Live in 1975 and Late Night With David Letterman: the 7th Anniversary Special that aired in 1989.

2. Net Worth

We couldn’t substantiate how much Regina has personally but her husband has earned sufficient in his long career on TV. He pocketed about $50 million in salaries during his active years in his show. Letterman’s net worth is estimated at $400 million which also include their 108-acre estate located in North Salem, New York.

3. She Is Smart

Regina Lasko’s husband considers her smart for being multi-tasking particularly for always offering a practical boost most times thanks to the wealth of experience she gathered in the broadcasting.

4. Regina Lasko’s Relationship With David Letterman

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Letterman got to know Lasko as a professional working on the set of his late-night show in 1986. Even though Letterman was dating Merrill Markoe who was the producer and head writer for the Late Night show. The two connected almost immediately and began their love journey. In 1994, Markoe and Letterman became less pleasant with each other and thus ended their 10-year relationship.

Keep in mind that Letterman was having a romantic affair with Regina those 10 years. The two dated for 13 years more before they made up their minds to legalize their relationship. The modest wedding took place at a courthouse in Montana.

Things were going smoothly in the first five months of their wedding but quite sadly for the couple in the sixth month, their marriage was hit with sour sex scandals linking Letterman to numerous women who worked whim him.

The man that was behind the blackmail was Joe Halderman, an American TV news producer famous for 48 hours who demanded that Letterman pay him $2 million or he will list the names of his female employees he has had an affair with.

To further prove his access to Letterman’s personal life, Halderman included his own girlfriend and former Letterman’s assistant Stephanie Brikitt as one of the women that Letterman was dating secretly, noting that the duo started their affair in 2007.

Instead of silencing his blackmailer by paying the huge fee, Letterman was forced to do a public confession admitting that he cheated.

The confession was followed by a public apology to his die hand fans and wife for his mistake. An excerpt from his confession read; “I had sex with women who worked for me” and my wife was “horribly hurt by my behaviour.”

After admitting to the accusation, Lasko stayed away from the public eye for a while allowing Letterman to attend events alone. This sparked break up and divorce rumours. Apparently, Lasko stopped being angry towards him for his mistakes and in 2012, she resumed her duty of being a good company during events attending a red carpet event held at Kennedy Center Honours in Washington DC. Following his confession, Letterman retired which was probably against his initial plan having stated earlier that he will be stopping work at his 70s.

5. Regina Lasko Is A Mother

Lasko is the mother of a son named Harry Letterman,  after his paternal grandfather. His birth which happened on November 3, 2003, in North Salem New York according to Letterman was among the most beautiful experiences of his life.

A secret scheme to abduct Harry was unveiled in 2005. Then he was only 1 and a half years. Letterman’s employee who worked in his Montana ranch was said to have conspired to kidnap him for some financial ransom. Luckily, authority learned about his evil plot after he discussed his views on scooping $5million ransom from kidnapping the young boy with an unknown man. The man spoke to the authority concerning Allen Frank’s plot and he was arrested ahead of time, which marred his entire plan.

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