Regina Lasko – Age, Net Worth & Facts About David Letterman’s Wife

Regina Lasko is best recognized as a celebrity spouse to one of the most successful men in showbiz, David Letterman. Ever wondered the secret behind the late-night funnyman’s success over the years, it is undoubtedly his long term partner, Lasko. From courting for decades to a cheating scandal and even an unsuccessful kidnap attempt, the couple’s love has stood the test of time. Here’s why Regina Lasko’s profile deserves special mention.

Regina Lasko’s Age & Bio

Going by public records, it is safe to say Regina Lasko is a pretty private individual. Despite her long term relationship with a famous TV personality, she has done a good job at maintaining a low profile over the years. There is a dearth of information about Lasko’s birthplace, parents, family background, early life, and education. But it is no secret that she was born on November 20, 1960.

Her Career And Net Worth

According to David Letterman, his wife, Regina, is a very smart woman who has also worked in broadcasting. More than being just lovers, the two are a practical combination who love to have fun together. Regina Lasko has been a very supportive life partner to Letterman over the years.

Not many are aware that she has some credits behind the scene on her husband’s popular show Late Night with David Letterman. Lasko has worked as a production and unit manager on special episodes of the Late Night with David Letterman and also worked in the same capacity for the 1991 TV series, Another World. Moreso, Regina has worked as a crew member in a 1989 episode of the popular show Saturday Night Live.

Besides these, there is little or no information as to how Regina Lasko earns a living, thus her net worth is unknown. But having been a supportive wife to a very successful TV personality and comedian, it would be no surprise if Regina chose not to work again. Her celebrity husband has amassed a huge fortune from his numerous endeavours in the entertainment industry. David Letterman’s net worth is currently estimated at ‎$400 million and it is believed that his long term significant other also enjoys his financial success.

Facts About David Letterman’s Wife

1. Regina Lasko Is Letterman’s Second Wife

Regina Lasko has kept much of her personal life private and there is little or nothing known about her relationships before David Letterman. While their marriage is a first for Lasko, the same can’t be said of her famous husband.

Prior to Regina, the late-night funnyman was first married to his college sweetheart, Michelle Cook. The erstwhile couple married in 1968 but officially parted ways in 1977. Letterman soon moved on to Merrill Markoe, who worked with him as a writer on Late Night with David Letterman.

Despite their professional and romantic relationship, David and Merrill never made it down the aisle. Lasko and Letterman began dating in 1986, while he was still cohabitating with Markoe. However, the comedian soon called it quits with Markoe and today, the rest is history.

2. Lasko And Letterman Courted For 23 years

Regina Lasko and her longtime beau’s love has been a very interesting journey. She and the late-night funnyman dated for more than two decades before tying the knot. Twenty-three years into their romance and just when many thought the couple was never going to get hitched, Regina and David exchanged nuptial vows on March 19, 2009, in a quiet courthouse civil ceremony in Choteau, Montana. The comedian announced their marriage on his popular show Late Night with David Letterman and explained reasons for the long delay in marriage. Describing himself as the last of the real gunslingers, Letterman said he secretly believed that he was admired by many married men while he and Regina were still courting.

3. Regina Lasko Is A Proud Mom

Lasko and Letterman began procreating before they officially became husband and wife. The couple welcomed their only child, a son named Harry Joseph Letterman on November 3, 2003. Interestingly, in the same year that Lasko had her son, there was an unsuccessful attempt to kidnap him. The mastermind who was later identified as Kelly Frank was a former domestic staff of the Lettermans. Frank had planned to abduct Harry and demand a whooping ransom of $5 million. Thankfully, his plot was thwarted by the police and he was later charged and convicted of plotting the kidnapping.

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4. Regina Lasko Pardoned Letterman After His Famous Cheating Scandal

In 2009, the same year of their marriage, Lasko’s husband was in the headlines for the wrong reasons following many extramarital relations with female employees on his show. After someone threatened to blackmail him with the cheating scandal, the Late Show host chose instead to publicly confirm and address the allegations. Letterman admitted that he cheated on his wife with women who worked for him on Late Show With David Letterman including his assistant, Stephanie Birkitt.

The funnyman accepted full responsibility for his actions and issued an on-air apology to his wife, Regina Lasko as well as the entire staff of the show. Letterman’s priorities seemed to have changed after the cheating scandal as he now puts his family first and foremost. In fact, it is presumed in some quarters that Lasko is perhaps the reason for the comedian’s retirement as he initially wanted to work well into his 70s. Lasko and Letterman have remained inseparable since then and continue to wax stronger by the day.

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