Things You Didn’t Know About CBS Journalist Reena Ninan

A beautiful, smart and really sharp-witted woman, Reena Ninan is an American TV journalist who is renowned for being very articulate. Over the years, she has come to be known as one of the reporters with the most endearing and commanding voices in the USA and is admired for the passion and intensity with which she does her job.

Having worked with different media houses, Reena now works as a reporter and anchor for CBS News. The journalist serves as the anchor for CBSN and the Saturday edition of CBS Weekend News. She also performs other duties at the media house, making her one of the popular faces at CBS News.

Who is Reena Ninan?

Reena Ninan was born on the 18th day of April 1979. The journalist was born in Tampa, a popular city in Florida, U.S.A. and grew up there with her family. It is noteworthy that even though she is apparently an American woman, she also has Indian roots.

Growing up, she reportedly took an interest in acting and hoped she could make a career later in life as a movie star. Her parents are also reported to have urged her to pursue an acting career. However, for some reason, this was not to be as she towed a different path when she grew up.

Details about where Reena Ninan had her elementary and high school education have remained quite vague over the years. However, we know that she attended the George Washington University, a private university in Washington, D.C. from where she graduated with a degree in political communication.

Her Career

Reena Ninan has had an illustrious career in journalism and has worked with different prestigious media outfits over the years. Following her graduation from college, Reena kick-started her carer as a journalist in 1999 when she landed her first job with the Washington Post where she was employed to work as a live show producer.

After some time with the Washington Post, Reena eventually joined Fox News Channel as a reporter. By 2007, she had already risen through the ranks to become the Middle East Correspondent for the channel. In this capacity, she traveled around the world to cover important global happenings; she was in places like Libya, Egypt, India, and even Israel among other places to report stories. She covered the Arab Spring in 2011 and had interviews with top names in the Arab world including Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas. Because of her very impressive work as a female war correspondent at the time, she was eventually named as one of Glamour magazine’s “Women on the Front Lines” in July 2011.

Reena finally left Fox News in 2012 and joined ABC News that same year as a correspondent. She initially worked in the Washington bureau of the news channel and effectively covered important beats including the White House and the State Department. She was later moved to New York where she was assigned to report for Good Morning America, a popular ABC News program. During this time, she continued to travel around the world as a foreign correspondent.

Reena Ninan left ABC News in 2016 and joined CBS News where she still continues to work today. She reports for all CBS News broadcasts and also anchors CBSN, the network’s streaming channel. In addition to that, she anchors the Saturday edition of CBS Weekend News. Reena is apparently now one of the most famous faces on CBS News.

Meet Her Spouse (Kevin Peraino) and Children

Reena Ninan
Reena Ninan and Kevin Peraino

Reena Ninan is a happily married woman. The journalist is married to Kevin Peraino, a popular American author and journalist who is renowned for his writing skill and theories. His first book titled “Lincoln in the World: The Making of a Statesman and the Dawn of American Power”, is often described as one of the best books on Abraham Lincoln.

According to reports, Reena and Kevin dated for some time before they tied the knot as husband and wife. However, the exact timeline of their romantic relationship, including when they met, remains quite vague. Reena and Kevin are head over heels in love and have often professed their deep affection for each other.

The marriage between Reena Ninan and Kevin Peraino has produced two children; a son called Jack Peraino and a daughter called Kate Peraino. Reena is very fond of her children and has proven to be a doting mother.

The journalist is known to be in the habit of frequently posting her children’s photos on social media for her followers to see. Each time she posts their photos online, she follows up with interesting write-ups about them. She also shares photos of her husband, professing her deep love for him. Apparently, the family is a happy one.

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Reena Ninan’s Parents

The identities of Reena Ninan’s parents are currently unknown as she has not made an effort to reveal them. However, according to different reports, her parents are both Indians who migrated to the USA where they eventually had her.

It is not certain if she has any siblings with whom she grew up in Tampa, Florida. These details have been quite difficult to get mainly because she is not fond of sharing family details. Her posts on Instagram are mainly about her work and children. It is, however, believed that she is close to her parents.


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