Who is Rebecca Robertson – Willie Robertson’s Daughter? Facts You Must Know

Rebecca Robertson is a TV personality mostly known for starring in the A&E reality show Duck Dynasty. Since appearing on the show, the rising star has been a busy woman not because of her TV presence but for her enterprising prowess. But just who is Rebecca Robertson? Here’s all you need to know about her, including her growing boutique.

She is the foster daughter of Wille and Korie Robertson, who used to be the main cast members of the reality show that documents the lives of Robertson’s family as the family managed the company Duck Commander, which Korie Robertson served as the Duke Commander office manager while Willie sits as the CEO of sporting empire, Duck Commander, and Buck Commander.

How did Rebecca Robertson become part of the family?

Rebecca is the first child of the couple’s six children which include Sadie, John Luke, Bella, Willie Jr., Rebecca, and Rowdy. But it may shock you to learn that she isn’t the biological daughter of Korie and Willie. After joining the family in her teenage years, precisely at age 16, as a foreign exchange student from Taiwan in 2004, the Duck Dynasty family fell in love with her and considered her as part of their family though they never legally adopted her. At age 24, she made her on-screen debut starring alongside the entire family members in the 5th season of the family’s TV show. It was at this time that people started referring to her as the member of the family.

Korie Robertson one time revealed that when Rebecca first stayed with the family, the Taiwanese stunner could hardly communicate fluently in English with her new found family. This got her worrying about how she would get along with the family. But during her first year in their house, she was able to blend in quickly and everybody grew fond of her. Consequently, the family had to invite her back for her senior year. She accepted the offer and over the course of her second stay, their passion for her grew more than ever.

Korie had always considered adoption but never thought it would be someone from Taiwan. While she was still dating Wille, she opened up about her plans of adopting a child and he conceded immediately which further proved that he was the one for her indeed. According to her, Rebecca was one of the most heart-warming steps the family has ever taken.

Her Background

Rebecca used to have a normal home with a caring father and mother. She was born on 17 October 1988 in Taiwan but as fate would have it, her father died when she was only 11. Her mom had to let her go but didn’t cut ties with her. She still visits her in the United States occasionally. Rebecca attended Lousiana State University where she obtained a degree in fashion design. After graduation, she joined Hollywood stylists in Califonia as an intern working in high-end retail boutiques. Her experience helped in molding her into owning her own thriving fashion blog and boutique.

She Is An Entrepreneur

When she got back from her internship, Willie thought Rebeca had no solid future plan for herself and didn’t think she will catch up quite easily on deciding that. But Rebecca killed his fears with her inventive business plans. Currently, she owns an enterprise named Duck & Dressing, a lifestyle boutique which she opened in 2013 with Korie in Monroe, Louisiana.

She Loves Fashion

Rebecca has an intense love for passion. This could be seen in the way she handles her fashion blog, the Duck & Dressing blog even though she couldn’t write fluently in English. Also, her boutique is growing rapidly and gives her enough income monthly.

She Is A Dog Lover

Rebecca has a cool dog that she has been taking care of since her marriage. The puppy lives a lush life and is always carried along whenever the couple went for festivals such as tropical vacations, etc. The French bulldog Leaxula has been Rebeca Robertson’s major domestic work and can only have a rival when Rebecca’s child arrives soon.

Her Net Worth

Nobody is certain about Rebecca’s exact income from her family show or what her salary is but it is believed that Rebecca is worth $ 100,000. However, we can’t back this estimate.

Is Willie Robertson’s Daughter Married and Does She Have Kids?

image sourceRebecca is married to John Reed Loflin. They were engaged in 2015 and eventually got married in 2016. She announced her engagement on one of her Instagram posts with a write up that read; “After a long time of patiently searching, I found the ultimate gem… I said yes to my best friend for life,”.

The wedding took place in Mexico and his foster dad walked her down the aisle. He wore her biological dad’s tie for the occasion.

The couple had been parenting their dog but they recently announced that her family is expanding. She was 15 weeks pregnant at the time with their first child and is scheduled to deliver on January 15.

Speaking on her pregnancy, the humble star revealed that she kept her pregnancy a secret and told only her sister Bella (15) in a bid to surprise her husband on his birthday. She finally broke the news with small denim since she and her husband love Denim. However, John mistook the small Denim jacket for a gift she got for their little Dog. She had to show him the pregnancy test and John couldn’t believe it. He was shocked to the bone and tears could be seen dropping from his eyes.

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