Ranae Shrider – 6 Things To Know About Verne Troyer’s Girlfriend

Ranae Shrider is an American actress and model who is popular in the US not just because of her acting prowess and credits but also because of her highly talked about relationship with Verne Troyer, a famous actor who is renowned for being one of the shortest men in the world. Their relationship got several tongues wagging especially because of their height difference and the fact that they did not bond well while their romance lasted. It also made Ranae more famous as a person.

As an actress, she is best known for her appearance on Heatherbrained!, a hidden-camera prank show. She is also known for her work in CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, a procedural forensics crime drama TV series.

Ranae Shrider’s Biography

Ranae Shrider was born on the 22nd of September 1985. She was born in the US state of Kentucky and grew up there. Not much is known about Ranae’s family or how she spent her early days in Kentucky, however, it has been reported that she developed a great interest in acting as a youngster.

The identities of her parents have not been revealed and it is not certain if she has any siblings or not. Also, the details about the institutions where she had her education still remain quite vague at the moment.

What is clear about Ranae is that her desire to go into acting was very strong and she was ready to give everything she had to make her dreams of becoming an actress come true. When she turned 21, she moved to Los Angeles in pursuit of her dreams.

She worked as a waitress

Ranae Shrider did not find it easy in her quest to achieve fame as an actress. After moving to Los Angeles, she spent many days sleeping in her car because she was practically homeless for the first three weeks in the city. After some time, she decided to get a job at a restaurant where she worked as a waitress in order to survive. While doing this, she kept looking out for auditions and attended some.

According to reports, during this time, Ranae also found work as a model. Being a beautiful woman, she was able to land some gigs and began to find her footing in the industry.

She had a toxic relationship with Verne Troyer

The story of Ranae Shrider cannot be told without the mention of Verne Troyer. The actress began to gain serious attention around the USA when she started a relationship with Verne. At the time, Verne was already an established actor who had starred in many hit movies. He was also renowned for being very short; he stood at just 2 feet and 8 inches and was considered to be the shortest Hollywood actor.

Ranae Shrider
Ranae Shrider and Verne Troyer.

When their relationship started, the height difference between Ranae Shrider and Verne was very clear. Standing at 5 feet and 6 inches tall, Ranae towered over Verne but they managed to make their romance work. According to reports, they met at a party organized by the late Playboy magazine owner, Hugh Hefner on New Year’s Eve and took interest in each other. They started dating shortly after.

However, their relationship was very toxic. Ranae later explained that Verne was very domineering and usually sent her on errands and treated her like a slave. She also said, Verne was very self-obsessed and spent days googling his own name. She went on to explain that their sex life was very terrible.

Her sex tape leaked on the internet

The last straw that broke the camel’s back while Ranae Shrider was with Verne Troyer was the release of her sex tape in 2008. It happened that Verne had recorded their sex session without her consent and the sex tape later leaked online. When Ranae found out that her sex tape was on the internet, she realized she had had enough and broke up with Verne shortly after.

However, the release of the sex tape helped to make Ranae even more popular. Everyone wanted to know who she was and how she met with Verne. She soon started getting roles in TV series while granting loads of interviews about her life with Verne.

Verne Troyer eventually died on 21 April 2018, plunging Hollywood into a sorrowful mood as tributes poured in for him. Ranae Shrider also sent a condolence to his family when he passed away.

Her TV credits

Ranae Shrider has featured in a handful of TV shows over the years. In 2008, she appeared in Desperate Housewives, a TV series then starred in Ugly Betty, a comedy series in 2009. In 2010, she landed roles in four series; she played a socialite in 90210, Sarah Spencer in CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, a shopper in Pretend Time, and herself in Heatherbrained!.

In 2012, Ranae played the role of Hannah Cleary in True Blood, an American dark fantasy television series. The next year in 2013, she portrayed Megan Miller in New Girl, a sitcom.

Apparently, she has made quite a considerable amount of money from her career so far. According to different reports, she is worth between $100,000 to $200,000 at the moment.

She is reportedly a married woman

Different reports have claimed that Ranae Shrider is now a married woman. This is mainly because she now addresses herself as Ranae Shepherd and not by her maiden name. This apparently suggests that Shepherd is her hubby’s last name.

According to reports, Ranae met her husband in a church around 2011 and they started dating. Their relationship blossomed and they eventually tied the knot as husband and wife about two years later.

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She is now a very strong Christian

Ranae Shrider is now a strong Christian. In a documentary on her life, she explained that she has given her life to Jesus Christ and now serves him perpetually. According to her, Jesus saved her when she was going through hard times in life and gave her hope to embrace living again.

At the moment, she and her husband work at their CityLight Church in Burbank, California. She revealed that she and her man now work for about 60-80 hours every week at their church.

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