Ramtin Abdo – 5 Notable Facts About Kate Abdo’s Husband

Ramtin Abdo is a German businessman who rose to fame when he got married to Kate Abdo, a popular British Sports broadcaster who is famous for her stunning presenting skills on TV and her immense knowledge of sports. She has worked internationally throughout her career, leaving her mark in places like Spain, the UK, Germany, France, and the USA. Her work on TV has endeared her to many people and her fame has rubbed off on her husband, Ramtin Abdo.

It is noteworthy that even though he is more known mainly because of his marriage to Kate Abdo, Ramtin has also made his mark in the field of business. He has successfully become a real estate mogul and is a co-founder of his own company. The marriage between him and Kate is going strong, winning the admiration of their many fans.

Who is Ramtin Abdo?

The exact date in which Ramtin Abdo was born has not been revealed at the moment. Unlike his wife, Kate whose date of birth has been given as 8th September 1981, the day in which Ramtin celebrates his birthday remains a mystery. However, we know that he was born in Berlin, the capital city of Germany.

The identity of his parents remains unknown and we also do not know if he is an only child or if he has any siblings with whom he grew up. This is mainly because, even though he is famous because of his wife, he has remained noticeably silent on his background. It is therefore not surprising that the cities or towns where he grew up are not known.

The names of the high school and the university where he had his formal education have not been revealed, but is believed that he did attend university considering the kind of work he has done over the years and the companies he has had some dealings with.

The main part of Ramtin Abdo’s life that is known to the public is his work in the field of business and his association with the popular sports broadcaster, Kate Abdo. We bring you some of the facts to know about the man.

1. His Marriage with Kate Abdo

The exact time in which Ramtin Abdo met Kate Abdo, fell in love with her and started dating the woman is not known yet. However, we know that they got married in 2010. Kate who was previously known as Kate Giles promptly changed her name to Kate Abdo. Kate was already a known face at this time due to her work on TV. So, when the news of her marriage emerged, all eyes shifted focus to her husband and the man became a known face as well. This is because fans of the sports presenter started digging into Ramtin Abdo’s life to know some more about him. Today, their marriage remains strong.

Ramtin Abdo
Ramtin Abdo and his wife, Kate Abdo.

2. Does He Have Kids?

Although the couple has been married for quite a while; Ramtin and his wife, Kate are yet to have any kids. The husband and wife are apparently focused on their careers and are enjoying their marriage at the moment. With time, they might decide on bringing kids to their world and raising them together.

3. He Has Not Been Mixed Up in Controversies

The nature of Kate Abdo’s job entails that she has to travel very often. And sometimes her traveling takes her around other countries of the world. However, even with this, their marriage has not been smeared with any controversies or had any problems that are known to the public. The husband and wife who are apparently full of understanding for each other, have stuck together despite their work pressure.

4. He is a Successful Businessman

Everybody knows that Kate Abdo is a successful TV personality whose work as a sports presenter has taken her around the world, but not everyone knows that her husband, Ramtin is also successful in his own field. Ramtin is a successful businessman who has had years of experience in real estate. In fact, he is now the CEO of INA Ventures GmbH, a logistics and supply chain company based in Berlin. He is also the co-founder of SMAP. Apparently, Ramtin is doing very well for himself as a businessman.

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5. Ramtin Abdo’s Net Worth

Having been an active participant in the world of business and having succeeded as a businessman who is a founder and co-founder of business ventures, it is expected that Ramtin Abdo has made quite a fortune for himself over the years. However, at the moment his exact net worth is still a mystery. Unlike his wife, whose net worth has been revealed to be $1.5 million, nothing has been said about how much Ramtin is worth. Nevertheless, this may change with time.

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