A Walk Through Rachel Sharp’s Failed Marriage to Luke Perry and Facts About Her Career Pursuits

When Luke Perry passed away, his death was mourned across the world by fans and well-wishers of the Hollywood movie star, and it brought into focus the closest members of the actor’s family, which included his ex-wife Rachel Sharp, who gave birth to his kids. Other than her relationship with Luke Perry and appearance in the film Teen Wolf Too, Rachel Sharp has mostly lived outside the confines of Hollywood.

And with a career as a businesswoman, she has been able to build quite a successful career for herself. Her marriage to the 90210 actor lasted for ten years, but it was a beautiful relationship, from how they met to the latter years of their relationship. Learn more about this and Rachel Sharp below.

What We Know About Rachel Sharp’s Background

Rachel Sharp was born sometime in 1969 to Alan and Harriet Sharp. Much of her background years are unknown, but she was raised along with her sister, Rudi Davies. We also know that her father Alan Sharp wrote the film, Living Dangerously, and the film starred Hollywood megastars, Mel Gibson and Sigourney Weaver.

Through her father, we also know one detail about Rachel Sharp’s family tree. She has a half-sibling, Ruth Emmanuella Davis, who was also an actress for a brief period. She worked in Hollywood between 1979 and 1995, appearing in eleven movies and TV shows.

Her journey from childhood to adulthood remains a mystery. It is, however, safe to assume that, based on her privileged background, she is a college graduate. But before meeting her husband, Rachel Sharp worked in the furniture industry.

She Had a Brief Acting Career

After a couple of years working outside the confines of Hollywood, Rachel Sharp took a break and starred in the film, Teen Wolf Too, where she played Emily in 1987, a couple of years before she met her ex-husband, Luke Perry. It is believed that after her appearance in the film, Rachel Sharp returned to her life as a furniture businesswoman before she met Luke Perry and eventually kickstarted a relationship.

Her professional life throughout the marriage and after its eventual end remains unknown. The woman only appeared on the show Entertainment Tonight in 2019 after her ex-husband’s death. Sharp is living in Los Angeles, close to the other surviving family members of Luke Perry, with her two children – Sophie and Jack.

Rachel Sharp is a Financially Comfortable Woman

Rachel Sharp may not have the glamour and glitz of Hollywood in her line of work. But she has managed to build a financially successful career for herself. While her net worth remains unknown, we know she lives in a $2.8 million home in Los Angeles.

Her relationship with Luke Perry, their divorce, combined with her income from her life as a furniture businesswoman, has earned her enough to own the expensive home. Rachel’s ex-husband was worth $10 million at the time of his death.

Her Marriage to Luke Perry Began with a Lingerie

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Actors have fans spread across different age groups and gender, and those fans often express their love for their beloved actor in different ways. Some buy merchandise, while others tattoo the face or name of the actor on themselves. However, in the case of Rachel Sharp, who was a big fan of Luke Perry, she sent him her lingerie, a bold move that eventually led to a date with Luke Perry and kickstarted their relationship.

All of this happened in 1991, and they dated for two years before they decided to take things to the next level by getting engaged to be married. Luke proposed to her after he finished filming the film, Eight Seconds to Glory. They held their wedding in California, with the reception at the Pinot Bistro in San Fernando Valley. It had 50 people in attendance, including co-stars of Luke Perry from 90210.

After their wedding in 1993, Rachel Sharp and Luke gave birth to their first child, a son, Jack Perry, who was born on June 15, 1997. Sophie Perry was born three years later, on June 7, 2000. For almost ten years of marriage, things appeared to be well between Luke Perry and Rachel Sharp until rumors of their separation began to fill the airwaves. In their 10th year of marriage, Rachel and Luke confirmed they were getting divorced.

Unlike several Hollywood divorces, Rachel Sharp and Luke Perry had a quiet and peaceful divorce. One that ended with both of them having joint custody of their children.

Despite Being Divorced, Rachel was at Luke Perry’s Bedside When He Died

Rachel and Luke Perry may have been divorced, but the ex-couple appeared to have an amicable relationship. At least friendly enough for her to be by his bedside when he passed away on March 4, 2019. Aside from the fact they had a good relationship, she had dealt with his health problems in the past.

Rachel Sharp
Rachel and Luke maintained a friendly relationship, even after their divorce: image source

The fatal stroke that led to Luke Perry’s death wasn’t the first major health challenge for the actor. In 2015, he battled colorectal cancer, which he won after undergoing surgery, and Rachel was equally there to support him.

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Rachel Continues to Avoid Media Attention

Since they got divorced, Rachel Sharp has mostly stayed off the attention of the media. On the other hand, Luke progressed with his career with appearances in shows like Riverdale. The actor was engaged to Wendy Madison Bauer before his death. Rachel Sharp’s ex-husband sadly passed away in March 2019 after suffering a massive stroke.

Her children, Jack and Sophie, on the other hand, have maintained a presence in the spotlight. Her son, Jack Perry, is a professional wrestler known by the ring name Jungle Boy. While his father was alive, he attended a few matches to watch his son perform.

Her daughter, Sophie, may become an actress. She has made her debut in the film The Theory of Everything, where she played Lucy Hawking.

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