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A very classy and beautiful lady, Rachael Taylor is an Australian actress who is not only loved for her unique acting talent but also widely admired for her charming looks and physique. She has often wowed movie lovers over the years with her remarkable ability to make her acting very believable and also portray different roles with almost equal dexterity. The actress has also worked as a model, stunning fans with her good looks. She is also a writer and producer and co-created a web series.

As an actress, Rachael Taylor is now known for her portrayal of Teri Elizabeth Richards in Man-Thing, an Australian-American horror film. She is also known for her work on 666 Park Avenue, an American supernatural drama series in which she starred as Jane Van Veen. Over the years, she has appeared in many other TV series and feature movies.

Rachael Taylor’s Bio

Rachael Taylor was born on the 11th day of July 1984. The actress was born in Launceston, a city in Tasmania, Australia, where she was also raised by her parents. Her full name has been revealed to be Rachael May Taylor.

Rachael was born to a father identified as Nigel Taylor and a mother known as Christine Taylor. According to reports, she is the only child of her parents and received the best upbringing anyone could get as a child. Details about Rachael’s elementary education is quite vague, however, we know that she attended Riverside High School in Launceston.

Rachael Taylor developed an interest in acting quite early and is reported to have performed in many school plays. She also excelled in modeling. Rachael started modeling during her teens and won the admiration of many people with her beauty. She even modeled for Skye-Jilly International agency during this time.

In 1998, when she was 14 years old, she took part in the Miss Teen Tasmania beauty pageant and emerged the winner. She also competed at the Miss Universe/Miss World state finals. Following her success as a beauty queen, she moved to Sydney to take her modeling career to another level. It was at this time that she began studying at the University of Sydney where she majored in History and Politics.

As her modeling career grew, Rachael decided to transition to movies and started auditioning for roles. It was not long before she got her chance to shine.

Acting Carer

Rachael Taylor kick-started her acting career in 2004 when she was cast to play Maryann Marinkovich in The Mystery of Natalie Wood, a TV Movie. She started making some waves the very next year 2005, when she portrayed Teri Elizabeth Richards in Man-Thing, an Australian-American horror film. The movie got her name on fans’ lips. The same year, she appeared in McLeod’s Daughters, a TV Series and Dynasty: The Making of a Guilty Pleasure, a TV Movie.

With her profile as an actress building up steadily, Rachael began to appear in many other top-ranked series and feature movies. In 2007, she played Maggie Madsen in Transformers, an American science fiction action movie alongside Megan Fox. The movie became very popular and made her even more famous. Many people now feel this is her most prominent film to date.

In 2011, she starred as Dr. Lucy Fields in Grey’s Anatomy. The next year, she scored the role of Jane Van Veen in 666 Park Avenue. She then starred in Crisis as Agent Susie Dunn in 2014 before joining the cast of Jessica Jones to play the role of Trish Walker in 2015.

Over the years, she has starred in many other movies and series including Luke Cage in 2016, The Defenders in 2017, Ladies in Black in 2018, and Finding Steve McQueen in 2019, among many other projects.

Meet Rachael Taylor’s Husband

Fans have been asking if Rachael Taylor is currently a married woman, however, the answer is not quite clear yet. The actress was in a relationship with Matthew Newton, an Australian actor, and director but their relationship was very tumultuous and filled with violence. Their romance eventually ended in 2010 following incidents of domestic violence.

In 2013, she found love again when she met Mike Piscitelli, an American actor, and director. They started dating but Rachael kept their relationship secret until 2015 when she revealed that she was in love with Mike.

Rachael Taylor
Rachael Taylor and Mike Piscitelli

In 2017, rumours emerged that she had gotten engaged to Mike after she began to rock what appeared to be an engagement ring, but this was not confirmed. In 2019, another report emerged that she has secretly gotten married to Mike and that the couple is living very happily. However, this has also not been confirmed. It is believed that with time, the real situation of things will be revealed.

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Height & Body Measurements

Rachael Taylor is a beautiful woman and this is one reason why her fans love her very much. She has a beautiful body build and is very confident about her looks. The actress is quite a tall woman; she stands at 5 feet 7¾ inches or 172 cm in height. In addition to this, she is reported to weigh about 57kg or 126lb.

Her other body measurements have been revealed to be 33 inches (bust), 24 inches (waist) and 34 inches (hips).

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