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If there is one thing you can trust Hollywood for, it is that amidst all the reboots and endless sequels, there will always be an actor or an actress who will make a popular project their breakout performance, and for Quinn Cooke, that project was the Netflix series, Ozark, which was released in 2017. On the show, the actress played the character of Raven, a stripper.

In terms of experience, Quinn Cooke is a relatively inexperienced actress with only a handful of films and TV shows to her name, but as shown by her performance in Ozark, she is a talented actress who is set for a long Hollywood career, if she can maintain the three elements of a successful career in the industry, including Beauty, Talent, and Good Working Relationship.

This is How Quinn Cooke’s Acting Career Began

Quinn Cooke was born on the 11th of October, 1995. We know she was born in the United States, but other than that, nothing is known about the circumstances of her birth, including the identity of her birth parents or any possible siblings that she may have. From a very young age, she developed a love for acting, which in turn led her to study at the Actors School in Tennessee.

While the exact place she was born is not known, we do know, however, that Quinn grew up in Tennessee. It was here that she subsequently fell in love with acting and began the process of equipping herself with the tools needed to become a talented actress. Not long after she started studying at The Actor’s School, she also joined a local theatre known as the Sewanee Theater.

As a member of the Sewanee Theater, Quinn Cooke starred in several plays, including The Secret Garden, and the classic, To Kill a Mockingbird before she moved on to star in onscreen projects, where she began to develop notoriety as a brilliant actress.

Gaining a Foothold in Hollywood

Before she came to star in productions like Ozark, Quinn Cooke had spent time working on various stage plays and theatre productions. This is a path that is common to several actors and actresses in the industry, working on several productions before making their debut onscreen. The actress made her onscreen debut at the age of 20. At the time, she appeared on the TV series, The Committee.

The Committee revolves around a local church that faces imminent closure after the loss of their mercurial pastor. They, however, get a lifeline after a compassionate but whimsical visionary, named Chuck, propose a solution to their predicament. The show featured the likes of Jeremy Childs and Jackie Welch, while Cooke portrayed the recurring character of Hannah. She logged a total of 16 appearances between 2015 and 2016.

Ozark Remains Her Biggest Project So Far

Following the conclusion of The Committee, Quinn Cooke scored a role in the 2016 short film, Aubade, as well as a one-off appearance in the TV series, Nashville, in 2017. She subsequently landed her biggest and most remarkable role to date on the TV series, Ozark. Ozark is a Netflix crime drama that revolves around Marty, a financial advisor who launders money for a Mexican drug cartel. After one of his schemes goes awry, Marty is forced to relocate his family and operations to the sleepy Missouri region of Ozarks. The Ozarks later turns out to be not so sleepy as the family has to contend with the mafia, as well as a bunch of local criminals.

Quinn Cooke
Quinn Cooke in Ozark alongside Julia Garner

Ozark debuted in 2017, and Quinn Cooke appeared in about four episodes of the show, during which she played the role of a stripper named Raven. Raven works at Marty’s newly-acquired strip club and gets into an unforgettable brawl with the newly-appointed manager of the strip club. Cooke’s appearance in Ozarks was a huge boost for her resume. It allowed her to work alongside a popular Hollywood star like Jason Bateman. It also helped her to secure some buzz and spotlight, which has certainly helped to boost her career prospects.

The effect of all these is already visible as the actress has featured in a host of other projects, including TV series such as Chicago Fire, Brockmire, Dolly Parton’s Heartstrings, as well as the 2018 horror/thriller, The Dead Center. Cooke is also set to play a prominent part in the 2020 thriller, The Plot. The Plot was written and directed by Nashville born actor and director, Brent Taylor.

A Peep Into Quinn Cooke’s Love Life

Despite the demands of her burgeoning career, Quinn Cooke has found time for love in her life. The Ozark star was previously in a relationship with a musician named Joshua Hamrick. It is not known exactly when the relationship began but the two enjoyed several years together, during which they never shied away from declaring their love for each other. The couple also attended several local music festivals together and happily shared their adventure on social media. However, Cooke and Joshua sadly broke up along the way, and the actress is now going steady with a guy identified as Nate R. Eggert.

Eggert is a film producer and writer who have worked on productions such as Spoonful, Crossley, The Auctioneer, Backwater, and For Or In. He also lent his writing expertise to the video for Ed Sheeran’s 2012 song, Drunk. Cooke and Eggert (who also goes by the name Nathaniel Ryan) have been together since at least 2018, and their attraction shows no sign of waning. Their respective Instagram accounts @quinnlanashe and @nate.r.eggert is riddled with pictures of their joint adventures. They also support each other’s creative work as well, and we can only hope that their love would grow stronger as the years go by.

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What We Know About Cooke’s Family Ties

Perhaps when her career grows further, and she becomes a household name, more information about the background of Quinn Cooke will be public knowledge. However, for now, there is little to zero information about her family background. There are no details about her parents’ names or occupations. There is also a paucity of information with regards to any potential siblings that the actress may have. It is, however, safe to assume Cooke’s early beginning in the performance arts was as a result of parents who supported her decision to pursue a career in the profession. It is also most probable that her parents encouraged her passion for the arts by getting her the classes needed to hone her skills.

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