How Old Is Queen Elizabeth And How Long Has She Been The Queen of England?

For close to seven decades now, Elizabeth II has remained the substantive Queen of England and Britain’s paramount monarch. Going by official world population stats, it is an objective fact that no more than 10 in every 100 living people were born by the time Elizabeth became Queen. In view of that, one can assert that only a number of living people witnessed her coronation. This fact begs the question: what’s Queen Elizabeth’s age? Let’s discuss that side-by-side with how long she has reigned.

What Is Queen Elizabeth’s Age?

Even the most basic of elementary school history should have taught you that Queen Elizabeth II was born in 1926 making her 95 years old. It was exactly at 02.40 GMT on Wednesday, April 21 of that year that she emerged from her mother’s womb. So, depending on when you are reading this, you can easily come up with how old Queen Elizabeth II is even down to the minutes.

A bit painfully though, her mother the Duchess of York, Elizabeth Angela Marguerite Bowes-Lyon had to undergo a c-section for the birth to take place in that early hour of the day. Thereafter, the future queen was named Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor.

She was named ‘Elizabeth’ after her biological mother. As for ‘Alexandra’, she was so named after her paternal great grandmother, the mother of King George V, Alexandra of Denmark, who was the Queen Consort of the United Kingdom during the reign of Edward VII. This was obviously to commemorate the death of Alexandra of Denmark which occurred about half a year before the future Queen Elizabeth II was born.

Then, the name ‘Mary’ was also given to her in honor of her paternal grandmother Mary of Teck, the mother to King George VI and the Queen Consort to King George V. Finally, ‘Windsor’ is the surname of the British Royal Family which she still bears in spite of the fact that she got married to Philip Mountbatten, the Duke of Edinburgh, 5 years before becoming the British Monarch.

At Queen Elizabeth II’s birth, her grandfather King George V still ruled over the realms of England. Her title was Princess Elizabeth of York. Later on, she had a younger sister Princess Margaret, who is the current Countess of Snowden. Both Elizabeth and her younger sister were homeschooled under the care of the Scottish educator Marion Crawford.

Queen Elizabeth is currently 95 years old

How Old Was She When She Got Married?

In 1947, while she was 21 years old, the future Queen Elizabeth II got married to Prince Philip of Greece and Denmark. Elizabeth’s chances at ever being the paramount monarch over England was nearly zero because even her own father was not even the heir apparent to George V. Instead, it was her uncle, Edward VIII who was the first son of George V that was first in the line of succession. Princess Elizabeth’s father (future King George VI) was second in line.

However, five years into her marriage, she became the British Monarch at the age of 26 years only. How did it happen? In summary, Edward VIII eventually succeeded George V but later abdicated the Throne, making a way for Elizabeth’s father to be crowned the King of England in 1936 (as George VI). Since George VI had only two daughters and no son, and Elizabeth was his first daughter, she instantly came first in the line of succession. Thus, when George VI died in 1952, Elizabeth succeeded him.

The turn of events from Elizabeth II’s birth right up to her accession to the throne is considered providential by many people across the world. This point of view is often supported by the longevity that has characterized Elizabeth II’s reign. So, just how long has Queen Elizabeth II been on the Throne of England?

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How Long Has She Been The Queen Of England?

Queen Elizabeth Coronation 1953
Queen Elizabeth II at her coronation in 1953: Image source

Queen Elizabeth II became the Queen of England on Wednesday, February 6, 1952, and she was coronated on June 2, 1953. So, depending on when you are reading this, you can find exactly how long she has been the Queen of England.

As already mentioned, Queen Elizabeth’s age at her accession to the throne was 26 years. Since then, she has earned a reputation not only as the longest-living but also the longest-reigning British monarch ever. Sir Winston Churchill was the Prime Minister of Britain, Harry S. Truman the US President, Geoffrey Fisher the Archbishop of Canterbury while Pius XII was the Pope on the day of Elizabeth’s accession to the throne. Comparatively, then, her reign has seen 15 British Prime Ministers, two Danish monarchs, 7 popes, 7 archbishops of Canterbury, and 13 US presidents.

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