What To Learn From Qimmah Russo’s Fitness Therapy and Facts About Her Love Life

Every generation affects the world in different ways, but very few have influenced the world with the magnitude with which millennials have. There are fewer generational impacts greater than millennial’s lasting effect on global social culture, especially in body fitness. The subsequent impact has seen a global rise in the desire for physical fitness, which has resulted in the need for physical fitness experts like Qimmah Russo.

Ms. Russo has been meeting the needs of hundreds of thousands of men and women worldwide, teaching and motivating them on their quest to achieve body fitness. In typical millennial fashion, she has done this through social media, where over 1 million followers pay attention to her exercise routines and fitness advice.

Qimmah Russo’s Transition From Obstetrics and Gynecology to Weightlifting

Russo has most definitely had an exciting life that has seen her journey through different interests before landing on her life as a fitness trainer and online entrepreneur. Her life began on the 16th December 1993 when she was born in New York to her parents as the second child.

While we don’t know much about her childhood, we know that body fitness and athletics have always been a part of her life, starting from her parents. Her father was a baseball player while her mom was a field hockey player. Her brother Tamir, who she maintains a very close relationship with, is also reported to have played football.

At the time she was old enough to want something for herself, Qimmah Russo wanted to become a medical practitioner, particularly an OB-GYN. However, as she grew older and picked up her family’s love for fitness, she drew closer to sports and joined her college basketball team.

Qimmah during a game of basketball for her college: image source

While she played basketball on the court, she studied sociology and kinesiology in the classroom and earned a Bachelor’s degree from the College of the Canyons in Santa Clarita, California. One would have expected her to pursue a career in the course of study, but Qimmah Russo had one more detour to make as she picked interest in weightlifting.

The interest in weightlifting has led Russo to become a household name in the physical fitness community. From taking pictures and videos of her workout programs and publishing them on Vine and Instagram, she was able to build an online presence that began to attract sponsorships from fitness and fashion brands.

Qimmah Russo was also able to build her own fitness company, Q-Flex Fitness, which has a large online following across Instagram and Twitter. As someone with a past on the social media platform, Vine, she has worked with other Viners like Klarity, Alphonso McAuley, and Melvin Gregg.

Russo’s Famous Fitness Routine and Therapy

Qimmah Russo is 5 feet 4 inches tall, and while that may not be a particularly impressive height, it is her body shape and builds that stands her out. Growing up in an athletic environment set the lady on a fitness path, one she hasn’t looked back from to date. However, despite having always maintained a good shape, her meticulously carved body is nothing short of the result of consistent hard work and eating right.

Russo’s fitness therapy focuses on conditioning and building strength. She believes in weightlifting and curls as much as the next guy, but she believes in mixing it up even more. Through a series of workout routines, which include weightlifting, she has been able to build a well-defined muscular body that sends tongues wagging on social media.

Beyond the occasional weightlifting, Qimmah Russo’s other preferred training activities include bodyweight exercises, calisthenics, and her favorite, squats. The fitness coach prefers to get her heart rate up by herself rather than adopting cardio machines, which, in her professional opinion, enables laziness. More importantly, she gets better results this way.

Russo has listed squats as her favorite workout because she gets to work all her major muscles – glutes, legs, and back – with them. And just like her general fitness philosophy, she doesn’t do her squats the traditional way either. Rather than the usual three sets, she opts to do as many reps as she can in 30 seconds. She sometimes does circuit squats, where she racks sets upon sets without taking any breaks in between.

But as effective as her training plan is, her coveted lean fit is in no small measure a result of her nutrition as well. From food to life in general, Qimmah Russo has a pretty big appetite for the excellent but healthy life.

As pictured above, some of her favorite foods include Eggs, Avocados, Peanut Butter, Nuts, and Low-fat cheese. She likes her veggies raw and enjoys nutrient-rich fruits like bananas, blueberries, and apples.

All in all, Russo believes that variety is the spice of life, and she incorporates that into her fitness therapy. As much as she pushes herself past her limits, she believes keeping it fresh and exciting is what keeps her consistent.

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Qimmah Russo Has an Intriguing Love Life

Qimmah Russo
Seen with a few men, but none have claimed the boyfriend title yet: image source

Qimmah Russo has millions of people across all the social media platforms she has an account on following her life closely. Yet, so far, no one has been able to see what she hasn’t been willing to share, and that includes details about who she is dating.

While she has no problem posting videos of her workout routines, photoshoots of herself in different gorgeous apparel, and her outings with her babes, she has chosen to keep her relationship status away from social media. Therefore, we cannot say authoritatively say if she is in a relationship or not.

She is a Self Described Hopeless Romantic

Nevertheless, not all hope is lost regarding Qimmah Russo’s love life, because while we may not know who currently has the keys to her heart or if anyone ever has, the fitness model describes herself as a hopeless romantic.

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