Who is Pupinia Stewart, What is The Real Age and Name Of The YouTube Star?

Pupinia Stewart is an American YouTube star who has become quite famous on the video-sharing website because of the exciting content she releases which often shows her acting like someone who is quite stupid or without a high IQ. Spontaneous and hilarious, Pupinia Stewart is not actually stupid, she only acts that way to attract attention to her page and this has worked over the years. She has often been described as ‘original and satirical’ by her many fans who throng her page to watch her videos every day.

Fans consider Pupinia Stewart very interesting because she is not limited to creating one particular type of content; she is known to post videos on different arrays of topics ranging from sports to politics and to everyday life. She is also known for postings videos which intentionally feature men and women that appear to be mentally incoherent or lack education.

Over the years, she has gained a lot of subscribers on her YouTube channel. These subscribers have formed a community of loyal viewers who often make comments on the contents she releases every now and then.

How Old Is Pupinia Stewart?

Pupinia Stewart was born on the 16th day of October in the year 1998. The exact town or city where she was born is not known at the moment. However, we know that she was born in the United States of America and grew up there with her parents.

It is not certain whether or not Pupinia Stewart has any siblings as the YouTube star has avoided talking about that aspect of her life. The major part of her life that is known by the public is her YouTube business.

The names of the schools that Pupinia Stewart attended while growing up is not known just yet. It is, however, believed that she has had some form of formal education because she speaks well and also writes well too. The YouTube star is engrossed in her YouTube world and keeps churning out new contents.

What Is Pupinia Stewart’s Real Name?

It is believed that Pupinia Stewart’s real name is not Pupinia Stewart. She has only chosen the name Pupinia Stewart to use in portraying the character she wants to portray in her YouTube videos. Some have described Pupinia Stewart as the alter ego of the real woman behind the YouTube series.

Over the years, the character of Pupinia Stewart has come to be famous. However, many have asked what the real name of the young woman is. At the moment, Pupinia Stewart’s real name is still a mystery. There is no idea what name she used to bear before choosing Pupinia Stewart for her vlogging business.

Pupinia Stewart
Stewart loves playing pranks. Here she is seen in a photo-shopped photo with Donald Trump. Source/Instagram

How Did Her YouTube Career Begin?

Hoping to somehow become an internet sensation, Pupinia Stewart created her YouTube channel on the 10th of October in 2012. However, she did not post any video for some time. She posted her first ever video on the 8th of December, 2012. At first, no one took notice of her but she kept posting contents regularly. Not much is known about these early videos of hers.

Pupinia Stewart started to gain attention in 2014 when she began to make satirical videos about different topics which she posts on her page. In these videos, the Pupinia Stewart is seen often crying over very simple matters and this comes across as very amusing. However, serious issues like terrorism, abortion, rape and even suicide did not seem to be of serious concern to her at all. She started to gain exposure when other popular YouTube stars and Facebook stars began to repost her videos and this helped her to go viral on the internet.

In 2015, Pupinia posted a video titled All about my incest on her YouTube channel. The video blew up across social media and ended up appearing on Dailymail, r/videos, and 9GAG. It was even shared by other famous people who were intrigued by how stupid she appeared in the footage. Fans, however, understood that appearing stupid was all an act designed to get their attention. Her subscribers started to increase dramatically.

At the moment, Pupinia Stewart has more than 100,000 active subscribers who visit her channel to watch the contents she posts online. Some people have described her as a comedy genius and others think she is a troll considering the fact that she has trolled people in the past.

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Apart from posting content on her YouTube page, Pupinia is also a member of Our Third Life, a popular YouTube channel which is owned collectively by a group of social media stars who post videos there every now and then. Some sources say Pupinia created Our Third Life, however, this is not a confirmed fact. Many of her videos are on the channel alongside the videos of many other persons. She has been with some popular YouTube stars including Schmitty Winkleson on Our Third Life.

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