5 Undeniable Proofs Of Evolution And Transformation Of Life

The theory of evolution has always been put under the scanner since the time it was first introduced by Charles Darwin. Even though the war between creationist and Darwinians have been going on for quite a few centuries now, it definitely goes without saying that matters concerning the origin of our life here on earth is sometimes confusing even to the greatest mind that believes that our existence is ultimately a by-product of evolution. It doesn’t matter which one you believe in but in this article, we would be looking at Proof of Evolution and 5 Undeniable affirmation of Transformation of Life as supported by evolution. We are going to share some of the most intriguing, yet true facts about the proof of evolution that keeps the evolutionists going.

1. Fossils

Even though to many, the thought of matching fossils to existing animals may seem extremely farfetched because the half-life of DNA is only 521 years, fossils are without a doubt the best way to support the theory of evolution. Shedding light to fossilized creatures who had a bone structure similar to the animals living today and with similar physical attributes, that point to the theory of evolution. Fossils are without a doubt, the best evidence of evolution ever to be uncovered. For those who might be skeptical about the fossil theory, it is extremely important to take a look at the fossils of the Neanderthals, Mammoths and Saber Tooth Tigers, as they are few of the best evidence that supports the theory of evolution. The fossils of these creatures suggest that the existing life forms on this planet are a miniature and evolved version of creatures when compared to our ancestors who roamed the earth few million years ago.


Similar Facial Bone Structure, Similar Physical Attributes to Fossilized Creatures

2. Biochemistry

Reptiles, Mammals, Humans, may all look different on the surface, but when you take a closer look at their biochemistry, the mystery starts to unveil itself. It is a well-known fact that all living creatures on this planet are carbon-based, but when you take a closer look upon the working of their internal organs and DNA, the basics are extremely similar. This supports time and again that all living creatures evolved from a similar basic type of organism with carbon as building blocks. What many people might not know is that our bodies are made up of similar biochemistry which involved the integration of white blood cells, red blood cells, DNA and other organs working as a unit which is a more advanced form of life as compared to the ancient organisms.

Proof of Evolution: Carbon-Based Organism, White Blood Cells

3. Genetics

Do you know that you share up to 90% genetic similarity with cats and 80% genetic similarity with a cow. Even though it may come as an extremely shocking news to many, the genetic similarity of all living creatures is surprisingly similar. For long it has been known that humans have almost 96% similarity with chimpanzees, what many people do not understand is that at the core of our DNA our basic structure is the same. It is only the changes in the final few strands of DNA that makes us different from one another. This is one of the most concrete proofs ever put forward to support the theory of evolution and our article.

DNA Similarities

4. Chordata

Perhaps the best proof of evolution put forward in the theory of evolution is that all living organic things were derived from the Chordates life form. You may be asking yourself as to what exactly Chordate means, then in simple words, it means that everything living for example fish, snakes, crocodiles, humans, dogs, cats, etc. all comprise of gills, tails and similar spine structure while in the embryonic stage. Shocker right? Evolutionists strongly believe that the fact that humans belong to the Phylum Chordata has put forward the strongest proof that we have evolved from similar animals and we evolved as per our needs and geographic location.


Initial Embryotic Stage Belonging to Phylum Chordata

5. Microbiology

Have you ever wondered why bacteria get transferred to you whenever you touch something, get licked by a dog or come in contact with any other animal no matter how different they are? The answer is pretty simple when explained and it is microbiology. First discovered while testing bacterial growth in food and dead tissues, the most common findings were that bacteria only attacked items with similar biochemistry. Even though the study was general and the bacteria found in animals and vegetables had similar biochemistry, it was well observed that bacterial traces left behind were identical. For example tape worms only live in the intestines.

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