Priscilla Chan – Bio, Net Worth, Age, Education and Family
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Priscilla Chan is a lady of a kind and generous disposition, she has involved herself with many endeavors as a pediatrician, but she is best known as the wife of Mark Zuckerberg, the American technology entrepreneur admired for co-founding Facebook and serving as its chief executive officer. Even though she has gone a long way to show that she is a woman of her own making, her life as it is now known revolves around Mark; the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative (CZI) supports this sentiment. In recent times, she is known for her work with the limited liability company she co-founded with her husband.

Considering the fact that Mark Zuckerberg is easily one of the most famous technology entrepreneurs in the world at large, it is hardly a surprise that his wife has been dragged into the spotlight with many questions asked about her. From how she met the Facebook co-founder to her age and family background, education, net worth, and what have you, the following are the things one ought to know about her.

Priscilla Chan Age and Education

Priscilla Chan is months younger than her husband, she was born on the 24th of February 1985. Even though her place of birth was in Braintree, Massachusetts, U.S; she was raised in Quincy, the largest city in Norfolk County, Massachusetts. Anyone with half an eye can tell that Priscilla is of Asian descent, a fact her surname (Chan) also gives away. If you check her record, you will find that the American philanthropist and pediatrician was born to Chinese-Vietnamese refugees to the US.

As the story goes, life was pretty hard for her family after they fled Vietnam and settled in America. Priscilla once disclosed in an interview that her mom (Yvonne Chan) worked two jobs to support the family throughout her childhood. Fitting in was a herculean task for them for several reasons. For instance, her grandparents didn’t speak any English and Priscilla had to take on the task of being their interpreter. She was raised alongside two siblings, her younger sisters named Michelle and Elaine; their father’s name is Dennis, Dennis Chan.

Priscilla is well-educated; she was a student of Quincy High School where she graduated a valedictorian, this was in 2003. That same year, she moved on to college at Havard University. There, she majored in Biology and also studied Spanish. She would bag her degree in 2007, but the next year saw her studying to be a doctor at the public university in San Francisco, California – UCSF. Priscilla left UCSF in 2012 and completed her pediatric residency about three years later, in 2015.

Her Net Worth

Beyond just being the wife of one of the world’s richest men, Priscilla Chan has been able to acquire her own wealth. In fact, it has circulated in some quarters that she’s worth as much as $50 billion. Although the figure has not been authenticated in any meaningful way, there is no doubt that she is personally worth a great deal – the woman has been a part of various profitable endeavor over the years.

Priscilla is seriously concerned about promoting the welfare of humanity; this is obvious in the enormous amounts that she and her husband have donated to various charitable causes. Apart from signing The Giving Pledge which will eventually see them give away 99% of their wealth, they have made donations that are jaw-dropping. Sometime in 2013, they donated $900 million to the Silicon Valley Community Foundation. The following year in October, they gave away $25 million to support the fight against Ebola in West Africa.

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Priscilla Chan’s Family

Priscilla Chan with Mark and their kids
Priscilla Chan with Mark and their kids: Image Source

Priscilla Chan met Mark Zuckerberg while they were both undergraduates at Harvard; they reportedly met at a party and became good friends thereafter. Time went by and their relationship blossomed into a romance which saw them get married on the 19th of May 2012. The Priscilla-Mark union has produced two daughters; Maxima and August respectively born in November 2015 and August 2017.

As stated earlier, Priscilla isn’t the only child of her parents as she has two younger sisters named Michelle and Elaine.

Did we mention that Priscilla Chan is a Buddhist? She is and isn’t only fluent in English but in Spanish and Cantonese as well.

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