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Maybe not directly, but online dating enthusiasts would possibly have a hint about what Priscila Joseph’s love life looks like in real life taking a cue from her husband’s hit show Catfish. The wide eye awakening reality series which airs on MTV is famed for unraveling some of the secrets to getting the right catch online and maintaining a healthy relationship. In addition to her personal life, here’s all you need to know about Max Joseph’s significant other.

Priscila Joseph’s Bio

Describing Priscila Joseph as an enigma is perhaps not an exaggeration. For all we know, the world only took notice of the beautiful blogger after she began dating a public figure. Besides the fact that she is originally from Brazil, there are no basic personal details available to the media as regards Priscila Joseph’s birth date, birthplace, her maiden name, hometown, parents, family background, and early life. However, there are unconfirmed reports that she was raised in Brazil and most of her family members live in the South American country. The case is no different for Priscila’s educational background. It is unclear if Priscila had a formal education as none of the schools she attended nor has her field of study been disclosed.

But for her career endeavors, Priscilla found her passion in the fashion industry and currently earns a living as a celebrity stylist. Priscila Joseph’s job as a celebrity wardrobe manager is a clear testament to her good fashion taste. Among other notable high-profile gigs and clients, she is the chief costumier on the hit MTV show Catfish. She is also known in the fashion industry as a blogger. From top-notch fashion tips to lifestyle to literary works as well as other issues of interest, her Mojo Brasil bilingual blog features rich and engaging content for fans. However, it is uncertain when exactly Max Joseph’s wife ventured into the industry and if she has other means of livelihood.

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Here Is Everything You Should Know

1. How Long Has Priscila Joseph Been Married To Max Joseph?

Despite her professional accomplishments, Priscila Joseph is best known as a celebrity spouse. She does not have a personal claim to fame as it was her marriage to Max Joseph that shot her to the limelight. Priscila’s love life and dating history are no different from her other personal details which she keeps under wraps.

Priscila Joseph and Max Joseph
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The love or preference for a private lifestyle is undeniably a common link between Priscila and her husband Max, although she appears to be the more discreet one. Hence, there are a lot of sketchy details about the couple’s romance from the outset but we have a few facts…Priscila and Max reportedly met in Europe and soon sparked up a romantic bond. They courted for a while before eventually tying the knot in a secret ceremony which held at a yet to be disclosed date and place. If the Los Angeles-based couple’s social media pictures are anything to go by, then it is clear they are happily settled in as man and wife. Priscila Joseph and her husband’s private lifestyles have made it almost impossible for the media to ascertain if they have any kids yet.

2. Priscila Is Bilingual

Given her Latino heritage, it is unsurprising that Max is fluent in Portuguese and English languages. In fact, Max credits his ability to speak fluent Portuguese to his beautiful wife. More so, one of the reasons why Priscila Joseph’s Mojo Brasil blog is loved is because she cuts across language boundaries with her posts which are often written in English and Portuguese.

3. What Is Her Net Worth?

Though married to a celebrity, Priscila Joseph has an independent spirit and is also considered successful in her own right. It is uncertain how much she rakes in monthly or annual earnings as a fashion expert but her hard work is presumed to be paying off. Priscila Joseph’s net worth has not been disclosed but it is believed not to fall far from that of her famous husband whose net worth is pegged around $300,000.

A New York native born on January 16, 1982, Priscila’s husband, H. Maxwell Joseph is a multi-talented star who earns a living as a TV host and filmmaker. He is best known as the cameraman and co-host of Catfish, the hit series which airs on MTV. Max began hosting the show in November 2012 but after seven successful seasons, he left in 2019 to focus on his film career. As an actor, Max Joseph can be recognized for his role in the 2015 flick We Are Your Friends. In filmmaking, he has also worked on some popular documentaries.

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