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All fans of History Channel’s reality series Mountain Men will have no problem remembering the name Preston Roberts. Although he died on July 24, 2017, Preston surely still lives in the minds of those who love him, and especially those who came to know him via the American reality television series.

Preston won our attention by being different from most people – just like all other Mountain Men stars. They are people who consciously rejected modern life with all its big-city bustles and deafening techs – and this, inside the United States of all places. But, besides this, what can we know particularly about Preston?

Here, you will read all there is to know (the really important and interesting ones though) about Preston Roberts. Concerning the late reality television star, we are going to be discussing questions surrounding his biography (Wiki), facts, net worth, and so much more.

Who is Preston Roberts?

Although he cut out a Medieval Middle Eastern figure while he lived, Preston Roberts was born a full-fledged American. His birth is reported to have occurred on 17 July 1957, in Westfield, New Jersey, United States. But he was raised in the small town of Brevard in North Carolina. His education from grades one through twelve took place at an annex of the Atlantic Christian College.

After high school, Roberts proceeded to the Appalachian State University. There, he earned a degree in Art Education. Although he would later make use of the knowledge and the certificate in his work as a teacher, he first gave attention to an overriding passion he had. That passion was in riding horses. We include this in Roberts’ education history because of the enormous influence it had in shaping him, even far beyond anything his formal education could afford.

So, after graduation from the university, Preston Roberts went on to meet  Eustace Conway in 1982. Preston and Eustace eventually became lifelong and steadfast friends. But then, what is it that bonded them at the beginning that was so strong it kept them together for life? It is horse riding. The duo became known for riding horses across North and South Carolina and even beyond. Roberts then created the program Turtle Island Preserve with Eustace. They lived, taught and preserved nature’s governing truths in the old-fashioned farm & nature sanctuary. Then, finally, before Roberts died, we all know how they starred together in Mountain Men.

His Career Achievements

Most of us came to know Preston Roberts through the reality series Mountain Men. As a result of this, even in recounting his past, we think of his life only as a cowboy. But, what many fail to remember about Roberts is that he also worked as a tutor for 25 long years in the Wilkes County School System. Indeed, reports have it that Robert was so dedicated to his duty as a tutor that he was elected as ‘the Teacher of the Year’ on two occasions.

Apart from teaching in the regular school system, Preston also found a way to blend his cowboy background with his school training as a teacher. He did this by working as an instructor at numerous primitive skills gatherings and cultural events not only in North and South Carolina but also throughout the country.

Another part of Preston Robert’s life and career that most people seem to overlook is his life as a musician. As a part of his pastime, he understudied the music of the Native American people and became a contemporary traditional dancer as well as a singer.

Robert was also a farmer. He owned a big organic garden as well as horses and chickens. In addition, there are a couple of other minor things that took Preston Roberts’ energy while he lived.

Mountain Men 

preston roberts eustace cornway
Preston Roberts and his lifelong friend Eustace Conway on the set of Mountain Men: Image source.

For the sake of those who don’t know, Mountain Men (not The Mountain Men) is a reality TV series that has been running since May 31, 2012, on History Channel. The series focuses on Americans who have chosen to give up modern life and live close to nature. Giving up city life and tech gadgets, the nine principal characters are spread across seven U.S. states which are North Carolina, Alaska, Montana, Idaho, Maine, New Mexico and Arkansas.

Preston Roberts’ friend Eustace Conway is one of the nine principal stars and he has appeared in all the seasons from the beginning. But, Roberts himself played only a recurring role, appearing in seasons 1 through 6. When Roberts died from complications due to an inoperable tumor on July 24, 2017, it was a sad experience for the fans of the series. Although he was survived by his wife Kathleen DuPont MaGuire, 3 sons and many grand kids, Roberts’ role on the program ended with the occurrence of his death.

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What About Preston Roberts’ Net Worth?

We have seen that Preston did not only earn a living as a reality TV personality but was also a teacher, farmer, musician and more. The question now is, with all these income sources, how much is Preston Robert’s estate worth in dollar terms? Although we have not been able to trace any reliable information on this, there are strong speculations that Roberts is worth over $1 million.

What Happened To Him, How Did He Die?

Preston Roberts died in the arms of his wife Kathleen around 3:30 pm on Monday, July 24, 2017. His death was due to an inoperable tumor on his liver that obstructed the normal flow of blood and oxygen in the body. It was his lifelong friend Eustace Conway who first broke the news of his death on Facebook.

After his death, a Celebration of Life service held for him at Turtle Island Preserve Outdoor Education Center on 2683 Little Laurel Road, Boone, North Carolina. After the service, Preston was laid to rest at nearby Morning Watch Hill Cemetery.

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