Who Is Precious Cooper, Is She Married, Who Is Her Husband?

If you follow American reality television, of which there are plenty to choose from, you are bound to stumble upon niche reality shows like Street Outlaws: Memphis, a street car racing show. On the show, which features an assorted array of personalities, you will find Precious Cooper, a street racer who has been giving men a run for their money.

On the show, which Precious has been a part of along with JJ Da Boss, the head of the crew, Precious is often referred to as the Queen of the Streets for her racing abilities, which has left several men parting with their money to her. As one of the prominent cast members of the show, we take a look at the life and biography of Precious Cooper. Read on

Precious Cooper Biography

The world of unhinged street racing is dominantly a world of men, both in real life and in fiction as illustrated by the popular street racing franchise, Fast and Furious. Despite this, just like the franchise, you find a few amazing women who are willing to peel back the masculine veil and compete in the testosterone-filled world of street racing.

In the Fast and Furious, one of them is Letty played by Michelle Rodriguez; in real life, it is Precious Cooper, who stars on Street Outlaws: Memphis. A quick glance at Precious does not suggest she is capable of speeding at obscene miles per hour with little care for the danger involved but that is just part of the amazing nature of the Street Outlaws cast member.

Before she came to be known as the Queen of the Streets, she was a regular girl born to parents Sara Cooper and Ricky Cooper sometime in 1989 in Osceola, Florida. She is one of two girls born to her parents, with the other being Chelsea Cooper. A lot of details about the background of Precious Cooper is unknown but from details such as her basic education history, we know her family moved around a lot.

Although she was born in Florida, Precious Cooper attended high school in Arkansas; she graduated from Rivercrest High School in Wilson. We do not know if she attended college and there is little evidence to suggest that she did but we do know that she took an interest in cars right from an early age that continued well into adulthood.

How exactly she made it to Memphis and met JJ Da Boss is another detail about her life that is a mystery but it is a meeting that produced a star car racer and great television content. She began to train as a racer under JJ Da Boss, who is referred to in the street racing world as a legend. Precious’ first racing car was named ‘Puddle Jumper.’

The knowledge and skills she acquired from JJ Da Boss achieved its biggest success when she defeated one of the top racers on the show, a racer named Chuck, in the show’s ninth season. The race, which happened in the final episode of the season saw Precious Cooper achieve an upset and walk home with a $60,000 prize.

What’s Her Net Worth?

Precious Cooper
Precious posing for a picture with a fan

The premise of Street Outlaws: Memphis is based on local car races competing against each other in high stake bets. As a racer, Precious Cooper has been involved in a number of these races, racing to victory against several men who have underestimated her because of her gender.

These routine victories have translated into a cash haul for Precious Cooper who on the show, sometimes collaborates with JJ Da Boss to manipulate opponents into underestimating her abilities. A combination of these wins along with her compensation for being a regular cast member on the show, Precious Cooper has been able to build a sizeable net worth of $600,000.

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Is She Married Or Not?

If there is one thing that has sparked curiosity from viewers who watch Precious Cooper hold her own as a racer on Street Outlaws: Memphis day in day out, it is the identity of the man who gets to call her wife or girlfriend. Unfortunately, for the curious, that is a piece of information that is under lock and key.

Precious Cooper is not one to disclose personal information about her to the public and as such, we can neither confirm nor deny if she is married. We could ask to race her for the information but considering how much of a talented racer she is, we will come back with nothing.

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