10 Best Creative and Funny Prank Ideas

Ever think wistfully you’d rather like to play a prank on someone who, you feel, richly deserves it?  Or better still, get someone back for the prank they pulled on you last Christmas/ Halloween/ Valentine’s/ April Fool’s day?!  Here’s a few ideas that might help get your imagination going …

10 Creative Prank Ideas To Pull On Your Friends

1. Medicine Cabinet Prank Ideas

A great one for housewarming parties or similar held in your home – statistics say that one of the favourite pastimes at such parties is prying in the host’s medicine cabinet.  So, just before the party begins – hold a piece of cardboard in front of your open cabinet and fill with marbles or golfballs, push the door almost closed and pull the cardboard out before closing the door fully.  They’ll make a heck of a racket when they fall onto the counter when the door is opened by the first nosey partygoer!

2. Funny Car Prank Ideas

Car pranks are great for laughs (and frustration on the victim’s part) but they have to be done carefully – it could be all to easy to cross the line and do real damage.  Some of the easiest involve nothing more than a bit of paper, such as the fake note on the victim’s windscreen saying, “Sorry for hitting your car, give me a call and we can work something out.”  Then just watch your friend trying to find the damage!  Another bit of paper might say “Car for Sale [your friend’s name and number]” and be put on a stranger’s car, preferably somewhere they won’t notice it for a while …

3. Office Prank Ideas

Here’s a great gag to play on your co-workers at the office!  There’s a special clear nail polish available that tastes terribly bitter – it’s designed to help those who want to stop biting their nails.  For this gag, dab some of this polish around the rim of your colleague’s mug, or just on the rims of some of the paper cups in the break room and let it dry – as soon as they take a drink from one of these cups they’re going to think the water is contaminated somehow – or else their taste buds are!

4. Onion Prank Ideas

If your friends are coming round for a fall party or Halloween, do make some of those perennial favourite, caramel/toffee apples on sticks – but replace some of the apples with whole onions of roughly the same size.  Make sure they are thoroughly coated with the caramel/toffee before offering the plate round …

Image courtesy of Flickr, cookingpanda

5. Funny Prank For Office Staff

Frighten the life out of the next group of staff to have a meeting in your chosen room by sneaking in beforehand and writing on the whiteboard a few ‘projections’ of employee numbers supposedly going down drastically over the next few years and lists of (random) percentages against department names (shortened as much as possible) – making it look like the last meeting was discussing this and forgot to clean the whiteboard before leaving.  You’ll need a bit of time to set this up so it’s a good idea to do it early in the morning or late the night before. This is indeed a very creative prank idea

6. Good Car Prank Idea

Another  cool car prank idea is to find a suitably long, thin potato that will fit nicely in a car exhaust pipe, cut a hole through it lengthwise to hold a whistle, then place the potato, with whistle, in your friend’s exhaust.  Then watch the expression on your friend’s face when the car is started up.  It works particularly well on that fella who’s so proud of his sexy car and its deep, throaty engine ‘roar’ …

7. Great Prank Idea for Him or Her

Tricks to play on your nearest and dearest (ie those you live with) can be great fun.  If your housemate hates getting up in the morning,I have a great prank idea for him/her,  place several alarm clocks around his/her bedroom, set to go off five minutes apart.  This trick is particularly funny if set for a day (s)he didn’t actually have to get up early!

8. Best Pranks For Office Co-worker

A good trick for your office co-worker, especially on April Fool’s Day, involves placing a bag of crisps or something similar in the garbage container outside, then ‘finding’ it just as your co-worker comes by and starting to eat.  Add to his shock by asking him if he thinks it’s bad to eat food from the garbage as you do so.

9. Great Prank For Someone Wearing Trouser

This wonderful trick can be played on absolutely anyone who is wearing trousers!  Just place a fiver on the floor and hide nearby, holding a scrap piece of cloth.  When someone (preferably your specific victim) bends over to pick up the money, quickly rip the cloth scrap – their face will be a picture as they immediately try to find out how bad the damage is and hide it from anyone nearby!

10. Sandwich Prank Ideas

Want to get your revenge on those irritating people who steal food from the lunch room? Try this prank idea.  Make sandwiches with fishy cat food mixed with mayonnaise and chopped celery – or, to be really nasty, rub some food on your armpit or spit in it – and take a picture of you doing so.  Then place the food in the lunch room and when it is stolen – post the picture on the nearest noticeboard with a note to the food stealer.

Hope you have fun with these prank ideas – or maybe variations that  they might suggest to you!

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