150 Popular Slogans and Taglines For Brands and Businesses

Slogans and taglines are as important as the business, brands or idea they represent and when they are correctly formed, they not only speak on the overall benefit of what is being advertised, but they also offer information that can be easily remembered and that is why we bring you some of the popular Slogans and Taglines used by top business brands and companies.

In business, Taglines which are variants of a branding slogan can be used in marketing materials and advertising. They help to create a memorable dramatic phrase to strengthen and reinforce the audience’s memory about the product. Simply put, Slogans and taglines represent the vision and mission of a business in front of the customers. Beyond just businesses and brands, tags and slogans are important tools needed to draw attention to the event and their things. Unsure of what slogan to use for your brand or idea, here are the best and catchy popular slogans and taglines of brands and businesses to help you create yours.

150 Popular Slogans and Taglines For Brands and Businesses

Slogans and Tagline Brand or Business
Let Your Fingers do the Walking Yellow pages
Impossible is Nothing Addidas
Have a Break, Have a Kit Kat Kit Kat
Shave Time. Shave Money Dollar Shave Club
Go Further Ford Motor
What’s in your wallet Capital One Financial
The Happiest Place on Earth Disneyland
Because you’re worth it. Loreal
A Diamond Is Forever De Beers
Quality Never Goes Out of Style Levi’s
Taste the Feeling Coco-cola
Life’s Good LG
Save Money. Live Better Wal-mart
Just Do It Nike
Be Moved Sony
I’m Lovin’ It McDonald’s
Eat Fresh Subway
Be Your Way Burger King
The Ultimate Driving Machine BMW
Ideas for Life Panasonic
Advancement Through Technology Audi
Can You Hear Me Now? Good. Verizon
The Complete Man Raymond
We are Moving Beyond Documents Xerox
The Best a Man Can Get Gillette
Democracy Dies in Darkness Washinton Post
High Performance, Delivered Accenture
Hand Built by Robots Fiat Strada
Takes a Licking and Keeps on Ticking Timex
Capitalist Tool Forbes Magazine
The Heartbeat of America Chevrolet
When E.F. Hutton Talks, People Listen E.F. Hutton
It keeps going… and going… and going Energizer Batteries
Please Don’t Squeeze the Charmin Charmin Toilet Paper
Does she or doesn’t she? Clairol
Look, Ma, no cavities! Crest Toothpaste
It Works Every Time Colt 45 Malt Liquour
Is it in you? Gatorade
Leave the Driving to Us Greyhound
Don’t be vague. Ask for Haig Haig Scotch Whiskey
We Bring Good Things to Life General Electric
Say it With Flowers FTD
So Easy a Caveman Can Do It Geico
Champale Makes You Feel Champale Malt Liquor
Broadcast Yourself Youtube
The Quicker Picker Upper Bounty
All the News That’s Fit to Print The New York Times
I’m Lovin’ It McDonald’s
Because You’re Worth It L’Oréal Paris
Easy as Dell Dell Computers
Think Big Imax
Think Small Volkswagon
Beauty Outside. Beast Inside Mac Pro
Between love and madness lies Obsession Calvin Klein
Push Button Publishing Blogger
Don’t be Evil Google
The Customer is always and Completely Right Marks Spencer
When there is no Tomorrow Federal Express (FedEx)
Pleasing People The World Over Holiday Inn
Solution for a Small Planet IBM
We Power Transactions That Drive Commerce Pitney Bowes
When You Care Enough to Send the Very Best Hallmark
See What We Mean Canon
If you want to Impress Someone, Put him on Black list Johnnie Walker
At the Heart of Image Nikon
Share Moments, Share Life Kodak
Connecting People Nokia
Success. It’s a Mind Game Tag Heuer
Expand your mind Hangs Your World NewsStateman
Challenge Everything Electronic Arts
Reach Out and Touch Someone AT&T
We Try Harder Avis
You’re in Good Hands With Allstate Allstate
Don’t Leave Home Without It American Express
 Is it in You? Gatorade
Intel Inside Intel
The Relentless Pursuit of Perfection Lexus
Grace, Space, Pace Jaguar
 We’ll Leave a Light on for You Motel 6
Go Further with Shell Shell Oil
We Help the World Grow the Food it Needs The Mosaic Company
Save money, Live Better Wal-Mart
Everything Begins with Kay Kay
It Could be You The National Lottery
What Happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas Las Vegas
What is in Your Wallet? Capital One
The Best a Man can Get Gillette
American By Birth, Rebel by Choice Harley Davidson
Innovation 3M
Nothing Runs Like A Deere Deere and Company
Priceless MasterCard
It takes a tough man to make a tender chicken Perdue
How do you spell relief? R-O-L-A-I-D-S Rolaids
There is no substitute Porsche Porsche
You can Trust Your Car to the Man Who Wears The Star Texaco
You Give us 22 Minutes, We’ll Give You the World WINS Radio, New York
A Little dab’ll do ya Brylcreem
Let Hertz Put You In the Driver’s Seat Hertz

Popular Food Brand and Business Slogans and Tags

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Slogans and Tagline Brands or Business
This Bud’s for You Budweiser
America runs on Dunkin Dunkin’ Donuts
With a name like Smucker’s, it has to be good Smucker’s
M’m! M’m! Good! Campbell’s Soup
Good to the Last Drop Maxwell House
America Runs on Dunkin Dunkin’Donuts
Its better than Fast Food Wendy’s
Melts in Your Mouth, not in Your Hands M&M
Finger Lickin’ Good KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken)
Have it Your Way Burger King
Where’s the Food’s the Star Hardees
Think Outside the Bun Taco Bell
Eat Fresh Subway
The Last Great Hamburger Stand Fat Burger
World’s Greatest Hamburgers Fuddruckers
License to Grill Chilis
It’s a Whole New Neighbourhood Apple Bees
Make it Great Pizza Hut
Pizza Delivery Experts Dominos Pizza
Better Ingredients, Better Pizza Papa Johns
Slicing Up Freshness Arby’s
Flavoured Air Lay’s
Tastes So Good, Cats Ask for it By Name Meow Mix
Got Milk? California Milk Processor Board
We Will Sell No Wine Before its Time Paul Masson
Sea Food Differently Red Lobster
Silly Rabit, Trix are for Kids Trix Cereal
The Breakfast for Champions Wheaties Cereal
First, they’re Sour then they’re Sweet Sour Patch Kids
Snap, Crackle  and Pop Rice Krispies
Tiny Edible Plates Ritz
Liquid Skittles Sprite
We Serve You Decaf If You’ re Rude Starbucks
Helps You Poop Dnnon Activia
Food Coma ButterBall
Cardboard Rings Cheerios Cereal
You Always Crave it on Sundays Chick-fil-A
Never the best part of  waking Up Folgers
Instant Brain Freeze Icee
Poor Man’s Whole Foods Trader Joe’s
In the Purse of Every Grandma Werther’s Original
Tastes Great, Less Filling Miller Lite
When it Rains It Pours Morton Salt
Taste the Rainbow Skittles
Pardon me, do you have any Grey Poupon? Grey Poupon
It Works Every Time Colt 45 Malt Liquour
7 up The Un Cola
 can’t believe I ate the whole thing Alka Seltzer
They’re G-r-r-r-r-eat! Frosted Flakes
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