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Diane Plese /Robert Herjavec’s marriage was one of the most talked-about celebrity marriages. The pair was an icon to so many youngsters who want to enter into the institution of marriage; nevertheless, their sudden divorce after two and a half decades of marriage shattered the heart of many. But the BIG question is what led to Plese Robert Herjavec divorce?

Many have wondered about this and it has also kept the media abuzz for a long while. While you are still looking for the answers, we have taken out time to gather every detail regarding their marital relationship and what led to Plese Robert Herjavec divorce. Read on

Details of Diane Plese Robert Herjavec’s Relationship and Marriage

Diane Plese is a lesser-known Canadian optometrist whose marriage to the famous businessman and television personality named Robert Herjavec catapulted her into the limelight. The couple met each other several years ago while Plese served as Robert’s doctor. Seeing the connection between them, the duo became friends which later turned into a romantic relationship and after a few years of a successful relationship, they got hitched in 1990. At the time, Robert Herjavec was still climbing the ladder of fame.

While there is no much information regarding Plese’s early life and career; her husband Herjavec is a famous Croatian-Canadian investor, businessman, and television star; best known for his appearance on several Investing reality television shows including the ABC’s Shark Tank, and CBS series titled Dragon’s Den. Robert obtained his bachelor’s degree from the University of Toronto and after his graduation in 1984, he first began his career as a film producer during mid-80s and later on; he was hired by Logiquest where he rose to the position of General Manager in 1990. On leaving the company; Herjavec founded his own coy named BRAK Systems in 1990 and after ten years of successful operation, he sold the company to AT&T Canada in a deal worth $30.2 million.

After three years, he founded another company called Herjavec Group in 2003 and the company has been one of the fastest-growing tech companies in Canada. It has grossed over $500 million in sales with over 150 employees. Herjavec also became a regular guest adviser on investing reality television programs including the CBS Dragons’ Den and the ABC’s Shark Tank. He has received three Gemini Awards for his outstanding performance in Dragons’ Den as well as an Emmy for Creative Arts in 2013.

Plese Robert Herjavec Split: What led To Her Divorce?

Diane Plese with her ex-husband Robert Herjavec

There’s no marriage above divorce, even the most perfect couples still get divorced when their feelings grow apart. In view of that, Plese Robert Herjavec split rather came as a shock to many of their fans. The amazing couple continued to enjoy a blissful marital relationship for over two decades until 2014 when the news of their divorce saw the light of the day. Following the news, speculations began to swirl on the possible reason behind their separation. Prior to that, there were ongoing rumours that the business guru was cheating on his wife with an Australian dancer named Kym Johnson (who eventually became his wife after the divorce).

While the speculations were going on, Plese was able to put off the rumours when she filed for a divorce. It was a sad moment for Robert who did all he could to save his twenty-five-year-old marriage; nevertheless, all his effort became futile. Plese separated from her husband in 2014 and their divorce process was finalized at the inception of 2016. They had three kids in their marriage, a son named Brendan Herjavec and two adorable daughters – Skye and caprice Herjavec. The duo shares equal custody of their three children.

After their divorce, there’s no news of Plese’s subsequent relationships but as for her ex-husband Herjavec; he made his relationship with Kym Johnson official; thus proposing to her on February 2016. They exchanged their marital vows in a lavish wedding held on July 31, 2016, in Los Angeles. On April 23, 2018; the couple welcomed a set of twins (boy and girl) who they named Hudson and Haven Herjavec.

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What is Her Net Worth?

After the divorce, there comes the settlement. Since they didn’t sign a prenuptial agreement; it was a very tough battle between Plese and Robert who has invested a whole lot into real estate with his net worth penned at $200 million. The court later ruled that Diane Plese would get half of her ex-husband’s wealth and properties. Herjavec shared his wealth and properties equally and half of his $200 million net worth went to Plese; thus bringing her net worth to $100 million. She also got some of her husband’s estates and mansions transferred in her name.

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