Pointers To How Piper Rockelle Became a Star & Other Facts About Her Family and Boyfriend

Piper Rockelle may not be old enough to legally drive, vote, or even drink but she is already taking over the internet. The American teenage sensation has expertly deployed her creativity to gain fame across several online platforms and is now a social media influencer. Renowned for her funny and unique videos, Rockelle counts about 4 million followers on Tiktok (formerly known as Musical.ly). She also boasts of about 4.98 million on the video-sharing platform, YouTube. Away from her exploits on social media, Rockelle is also making inroads in Hollywood and is showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

A Natural-Born Entertainer

Piper Rockelle was welcomed into the world on the 21st of August 2007, in Georgia, the United States of America. Her nationality is, therefore, American while her ethnicity is Caucasian. Rockelle spent her formative years in Georgia and started manifesting artistic talents as soon as she could walk. These talents ranged from singing to dancing and performing and her family enrolled her in several appropriate lessons.

They also encouraged her to model and she entered her first beauty pageant at the age of five. These lessons and pageants helped Rockelle to polish her God-given talents. It also gave her a level of confidence that is rare for kids of her age and by the time she was nine, she decided to join TikTok and share her boundless talents with the world.

Conquering TikTok and Becoming An All-Round Social Media Influencer

Piper Rockelle opened a TikTok account in 2016 and posted her first video titled Make My Toy Real Challenge. The video focused on her attempts to get real-life versions of her favorite toys and it received many views. Buoyed by this enthusiastic response, she continued posting regularly and within just 11 days of joining TikTok, she became a featured user meaning that TikTok officially recognized her work as being entertaining and of high quality.

Rockelle did not allow this early taste of success to distract her but continued working hard. Her efforts were rewarded as she grew even more popular and gained a crown on TikTok just two weeks after setting up her account. TikTok officially recognized her as an influencer on the platform. Since her breakout on TikTok, Piper Rockelle has extended her influence to other social media platforms especially YouTube.

She joined the platform in November 2016 and posts a wide variety of content ranging from funny videos, makeup tutorials, fashion hauls, DIYs, and dancing, etc. Her most popular genre, however, remains the messy challenges which have thrown up viral videos such as the ‘throwing a dart at a map and doing whatever it lands on’ challenge, ‘buying my dog everything he touched for 24 hours’ challenge, and ‘throwing a dart at a map and going wherever it lands’ challenge. These videos have made Rockelle quite popular and she now has 4.8 million subscribers and 807 million views on YouTube. Asides YouTube and TikTok, Piper Rockelle is also famous on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Her exploits on social media have not gone unnoticed. She has received several accolades including a nomination for the social star award at the 2020 iHeartRadio Music Awards.

Piper Rockelle
Piper with her elder brother, Hunter Image Source

Her Supportive Family Background

The child celebrity was raised by her single mother, Tiffany Rockelle, alongside two brothers, Tyler Ray Hill and Hunter Ray Hill. Her brother, Hunter, is also a TikTok star and is popular for his h2balla account on which he uploads comedy videos and lip sync musicals. Hunter enjoys over 1 million-strong followership on the platform.

As for her biological father, Piper has stated in a sobering social media post that she does not remember him as she had only seen him once when she was younger. No one knows whether the father died or he just abandoned the family as she has not shared specific details concerning this aspect.

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Rockelle shares a strong bond with her mother and her brothers and the reason is not farfetched. Her mom and her elder brothers have always been there for her and even helps her create some of the viral content that she posts online. As such, the child sensation remains eternally grateful and often shares her family’s pictures on her social media pages alongside heart-warming inscriptions.

In one case, Rockelle posted a message saying her mother is the main reason for her smile. Also, on March 18, 2018, she shared a picture with her brother Hunter in which she wished him ‘Happy Saint Patricks Day’.

Making Inroads into Hollywood 

Apart from her exploits on social media, Piper Rockelle is also making waves in Hollywood as an actress. She has featured in several Hollywood productions including the 2018 short films, Sitting in the ’80s, and Dark Eyes. She is also the major character in the successful web series Mani. Mani revolves around a young girl named, Sky, and her unconventional nanny named Mani. The series premiered in 2017 and has been on the web ever since then. Rockelle, who portrays Sky, has disclosed she loves the show because it is suitable for both the young and old.

In addition to acting, Piper Rockelle is also a budding singer and cites the likes of Miley Cyrus and Ariana Grande as her musical influences. She has also dropped two singles namely Treat Myself and It’s Christmas. Treat Myself talks about self-care and encourages people to take a moment and treat themselves. Rockelle dropped the video for the song in November 2019 and it already has 12 million views on YouTube. She has also performed the single at shows in Chicago and New Jersey.

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Does Piper Rockelle have a Boyfriend?

No one expects such a minor as Piper Rockelle to have started dating anyone by now. Yet something happened in mid-2018 that fuelled the rumor that she had a boyfriend. One type of video that Piper is known for posting is prank videos. So, her brother, Hunter, decided to play a prank on her as well. One day while she was sleeping, Hunter handcuffed her to a boy named Hayden, and when they woke up, they struggled to untangle themselves and tried to make sense of the whole thing. Hunter filmed the entire scene and they eventually posted the video entitled 24 HOURS HANDCUFFED to my BOYFRIEND” on Piper’s YouTube channel.

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Many of the viewers of the video did not take time to notice the part that showed it was a prank video and they began to wonder how such a little girl could have had a boyfriend. The truth, however, remains that even though Hayden was tagged “boyfriend” in the video, Piper is not dating him and they are just street friends.

Another source of the boyfriend rumor surrounding Piper Rockelle is a post that she herself once made. She mentioned a guy named Gavin Magnus as her crush on a YouTube video in January 2019. They later addressed each other as boyfriend and girlfriend in another video. The fact, however, remains that this relationship doesn’t really look ‘romantic’ and it is, therefore, possible that Piper is at one of her pranks yet again.

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