Paula Throckmorton – What To Know About Fareed Zakaria’s Wife

Paula Throckmorton is a jewelry designer and writer most famously known for being the wife of indian-American journalist Fareed Rafiq Zakaria, who hosts Fareed Zakaria GPS on CNN and doubles as a writer for the Washington Post. Beyond all that she is so much more and has achieved some things without the benefit of her husband’s popularity, and here is why.

Paula Throckmorton Biography 

Paula Throckmorton was born on the 9th of July, 1964 in the United States where she lived for most of her life. She attended Harvard University to earn her MBA degree. At the age of 19, she started her meditation teachings and shared the practice and the knowledge she possesses with many groups and individuals including women undergoing chemotherapy. After her studies, she worked as a newspaper writer for Wall Street Journal and Slate Magazine where she wrote and published her first novel, ‘The Black Book: Illustration 1997’. Paula Throckmorton later found interest in jewelry making and currently owns her business where she makes and designs pieces of jewelry.

Personal Life and Marriage

Paula Throckmorton is a mother of three beautiful children; Omar, Lila, and Sofia and currently lives with them and her husband. She leads a very private lifestyle and not much is known about her. She met the love of her life, Fareed Rafiq Zakaria on a blind date set up by their mutual friend. After dating for a few months, they decided to tie the knot in 1997. Like any other marriage that comes with problems, theirs was no exception.

It is said that Fareed had a secret affair with one of his colleagues and when Paula found out about it, she decided to move out and took her children with her. Later that year, another rumor revealed that the separation was due to a shirtless picture of Fareed which went viral online and even though it was proven that the person in the picture was not Fareed, the disputes continued. It was later discovered that the real reason they were having problems in their marriage was due to Fareed’s lack of attention to family life, because of how busy he gets with work.

For a period of three years, the couple had been trying to make their marriage work out. Although they initially denied the dispute, they later admitted to being separated for a few years and announced they are back together again and working through it instead of getting a divorce.

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What Is Her Net Worth?

Because of her private lifestyle, Paula Throckmorton’s financial details are not made public so it is unclear what her net worth is but we do know she is a successful jewelry designer who makes an average salary of around $54K in the United States. Although her net worth is unknown, her husband, Fareed Zakaria has an estimated net worth of $8 million which he generated from working for CNN, Newsweek, and Time Magazine. He is also a bestselling author who has published five books out of which three are international bestsellers. One of his bestselling books was The Post-American World-Release 2.0.

Other Facts About Paula Throckmorton

She has been married just once and as such, her Fareed Rafiq Zakaria is the only man she has been associated with.

Paula Throckmorton’s father-in-law, Rafiq Zakaria was a well known Indian politician and Islamic religious cleric.

Through all the dispute and turbulence her marriage went through, Paula remained a faithful and loyal mother to her children doing her utmost best to fix her marriage which certainly paid off in the end. The family is living together in peace now.

Paula Throckmorton has a beautiful and well-toned body structure. She stands tall at a height of 5 feet 8 inches (172 cm) balanced on a weight of 57 kg or 125 lbs. Also, she has beautiful light brown hair and brown eyes.

Because of her private lifestyle, she is not active on social media, unlike her husband whose career revolves around it. They both try to keep the children out of reach of the media.

Paula Throckmorton is a dedicated mother to her children, a wonderful partner to her husband and a woman of high integrity and class. Any man would be lucky enough to have her as a wife.


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