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Detroit native Veronica Loving did justice to the very sensitive issue of sexual assault in the book Feeding A Monster. The book which is a memoir she co-authored and self-published with her daughter Jazzmine Jackson subsequently been turned into a successful stage drama of the same title. When the acclaimed project ran between November 8th and 11th 2018, it was the veteran actress Paula Jai Parker who filled the role of Veronica Loving herself.

There is certainly a reason Paula was chosen among many others to star in the role and going by the testimony of audiences, she did not disappoint. Join us as we explore the personal life and career of the charismatic actress who is equally a seasoned comedian, as well as a film director, screenwriter, and songwriter.

Paula Jai Parker Bio

The African-American actress was born on Tuesday, August 19, 1969, in Cleveland, Ohio. Paula Jai Parker’s zodiac sign is Leo which, if astrology is right, makes her fierce, courageous, vivacious and enthusiastic.

Paula enrolled at Howard University, Washington D.C., in 1987. After graduating from college in 1991, she moved to New York City where she started her showbiz career by performing at clubs. In 1992, her onscreen career debuted with the FOX comedy program, The Appollo Comedy Hour filmed at the famous and prestigious Appollo Theater.

Apart from her strictly film and TV roles which are discussed in details below, Paula Jai Parker has appeared in music videos alongside some of the biggest names in the industry. She appeared on Follow My Lead by rapper 50 Cent featuring Robin Thicke. She was also in the music video I Belong To You by singer Rome.

Movies And TV Shows

Paula Jai Parker hollywood divas
Paula Jai Parker (second from left) with ‘Hollywood Divas’ co-stars: Image source

As already mentioned, Paula Jai Parker’s acting career was launched with her role as a performer on The Appollo Comedy Hour. She filled that role between 1992 and 1993. In 1993, she landed another role as a series regular on the FOX sketch comedy show – Townsend Television. The following year, Paula played a supporting role as Jill in FOX’s TV comedy series, ROC and also won her first major award – the CableACE Award for Best Actress in a Drama. She earned the award for her role as Tang in the 1994 TV film, Cosmic Slop.

Among other minor roles filling the gap, Paula landed a major role as Monique in The WB sitcom, The Wayans Bros and played it between 1995 and 1996. As a series regular, Paula appeared in 13 episodes of the program. In 1997, she was a series regular once more on The Weird Al Show airing on The CBS TV. On the show, she filled the role of Val Brentwood-Gal spy. Again, she appeared on 13 episodes of the series.

She repeated her 13-episode run on ABC Channel’s comedy-drama TV series, Snoop. Filling the role of Roberta Young, Paula was a series regular on the show between 1999 and 2000. Between 2001 and 2005, Paula filled the voice role of Trudy Parker-Proud in 51 episodes of the Disney Channel’s animated sitcom, The Proud Family.

Between 2012 and 2014, Paula played recurring roles as Lori in the sitcom, Family Time and as Karen in the dark fantasy TV series, True Blood. Since 2014, she has been starring as herself in the reality TV show, Hollywood Divas, which focuses on the challenges of African-American actresses in the industry.

The above account of Paula Jai Parker’s filmography is only the tip of the iceberg. Otherwise, the talented comedian cum actress has played at least 35 TV roles and not less than 40 film roles in her career that has lasted many years.

Earnings And Net Worth

Actors and actresses do not have specific amounts that they are paid as each contract is negotiated. However, according to what seems to be a well-informed opinion, a regular cast member who is a minor character earns between $20,000 dollars and $35,000 per episode while regular main cast members are said to earn from $35,000 and above per episode.

Based on the above figures alone and considering the many TV and film roles Paula has filled over the years, we doubt the reports on many quarters that Paula is worth $150,000 in recent times. Instead, we expect her net worth to be at least a six-figure amount. In any case, we are still digging to find the actress’s exact net worth.

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Facts About Paula Jai Parker’s Husband and Married Life

Paula Jai Parker is a wife and mother. She has been married to her fellow Hollywood professional Forrest Martins since 2004. The couple was reported to have met during the shooting of the 2005 film Hustle And Flow. Forrest Martins is said to hold a Master’s degree in Fine Arts. They have a son named Onederful Vanglorious Jaxon N’krumah Martin.

Paula’s husband is more of a screenwriter than an actor. He wrote the scripts for Sonshine Church I and Sonshine Church II with his wife Paula. Then, he single-handedly wrote the script for the 2017 film, The White Sistas which was directed by his wife Paula.

It seems that Forrest has a penchant for misspelling words, possibly for fun. From his own surname which is an obvious misspelling of ‘forest’ to the name of their son Onederful Vanglorious Jaxon N’Krumah, as well as the names of the film scripts he either authored or co-authored, the same trend persists. In any case, it is obvious from the way the couple co-operates professionally, that they are enjoying a happy marriage.

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