Paul Vincent – Siblings, Parents & Family Of Vin Diesel’s Brother

As far as franchises in Hollywood goes, the Fast and Furious franchise is definitely one of the most popular and lucrative franchises in the industry and it has been led by no other than the actor named Vin Diesel. Though he has remained in the spotlight for several years, many people are still surprised to realize that he is a twin, and his brother is named Paul Vincent.

Although it is not something one would have guessed by looking at the action star, the reality of it is even more bewildering by looking at the contrasting image of both brothers, who look nothing alike. The fascinating nature of the existence of a twin brother for Vin Diesel has sent us on a curiosity trip to compile everything there is to know about his mysterious twin and you can read all about our discovery below.

Paul Vincent’s Biography

Paul Vincent was born on the 18th of July, 1967 as the twin brother of Marc Sinclair Vincent, who is more popularly known as Vin Diesel. He was born in Alameda, California and was raised in a family of five. While they were children, long before they completed their academic journey, his brother took an interest in acting and set out on a path to becoming a professional actor.

While his brother went on a journey that would lead him to fame, Paul Vincent chose a quieter path, one that has led to several details being buried in mystery about him, such as his education and professional career. His brother, Vin, attended NYC’s Hunter College.

Despite the vast extent of unknown information about Paul Vincent thus far, a tiny detail is still available about his professional life, such as the fact that he worked on one of his brother’s films, Multi-Facial, in the Sound Department and was credited as the sound editor.

Does it suggest a career in sound editing for Paul Vincent? We could not possibly say but while he has chosen to shroud his life in secrecy, his brother has had a professional journey that has been in full view of the public, starting with his first role in 1990 as an extra on the film, Awakenings.

It took Vin Diesel a minute to get into his groove as an actor, having to wait till 1997 before getting his break out role in The Fifth Element, but ever since he appeared in the film, he has gone from one mega success to another, moving in and out of multiple successful franchises like the xXx films, to the Riddick films, to the Marvel franchise, Guardians of the Galaxy and his biggest and most significant role yet, as Dominic Toretto in the Fast and Furious franchise.

Family Of Vin Diesel’s Brother

Paul Vincent
Paul’s twin brother, Vin Diesel and his family

Unlike his twin brother whose fame extends across the globe from the north pole to the south pole, Paul Vincent exists outside the spotlight, totally away from media attention. As a result, facts about his family are unavailable; there is no available information regarding the existence of a wife, girlfriend, or children.

His twin, Vin, on the other hand, has had a well-publicized personal life that involves the Mexican model, Paloma Jimenez whom he has been dating since 2007. Although they have never gotten married, they have built a family of their own by raising three children – two daughters and a son.

His Parents and Siblings

In the Fast and Furious movies, a lot of emphases is laid on family and one only need to look at Paul Vincent and his family to see where that comes from. Both twin brothers never got to know their biological father and they were raised by their stepfather, Irving H. Vincent, whose name they adopted.

Paul Vincent’s mother is Delora Sherleen Sinclair, who happens to be an astrologer. The exact order of his siblings is unknown but other than twin Vin Diesel, his other siblings are brother Tim Vincent and sister, Samantha Vincent.

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What Is Paul Vincent’s Net Worth?

Not much is known about his professional life but the available report suggests that whatever career Paul Vincent has fashioned for himself, he has accrued an estimated net worth of $400,000 from it. While that in itself is a more than decent net worth to live a comfortable life, it pales in comparison to that of his twin, who is considered to be worth a whopping $160 million.


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