Paul Edward Hospenthal – Bio, Age & Facts About Danica Patrick’s Ex Husband

To remain in peak physical condition, sportsmen and women depend on well trained medical personnel to nurse them back to health when the physical effects of their profession take its toll on them. In the United States, there have been fewer medical personnel who have established their reputation as great sports therapists like Paul Edward Hospenthal.

His work as a sports therapist has made him famous and that fame has been further cemented by a marriage to one of America’s popular sports personalities, Danica Patrick. Needless to say, Paul Edward Hospenthal has had a life that has made him one of the most interesting sports therapists alive and you can read all about that life below.

Paul Edward Hospenthal Biography & Age

Celebrity therapist, Paul Edward Hospenthal was born in Tacoma Washington on the 5th of June, 1965. His journey from childhood to adulthood is laced with several unknown information, such as the identity of his parents, the existence of siblings and his basic education.

While we do not know what high school the sports therapist attended, we know his time in High school was devoted to sports, where he achieved excellence on the race track among other achievements in the classroom. His passion for sports eventually led him to the University of Puget Sound where he earned his bachelor’s degree after which he landed a fellowship in Sports Medicine at Western Michigan University.

After he finished his fellowship, Paul Edward Hospenthal began his career as a sports therapist and physical trainer. Throughout his career, he has tended to sportsmen and women from different sports, from the NBA to the NFL to Golf.

More than just being a physical therapist, he is also a professional golf trainer and has trained a number of golf enthusiasts, from celebrities to aspiring professional golfers over the course of his career.

Net Worth

His position as a famous and competent sports therapist makes Paul Edward Hospenthal one of the most financially compensated sports therapists in the country. With his income as a therapist and his investment portfolio which has drawn public praise from his ex-wife, the sports therapist is reportedly worth an estimated sum of $1 million.

Relationship with Danica Patrick

As mentioned earlier, his relationship with Danica Patrick is one of the two major reasons why Paul Edward Hospenthal’s name rings familiar among non-members of the sports industry. The two of them met in 2002 when Danica sought out Paul for treatment of a hip injury.

Paul Edward Hospenthal
Paul Edward Hospenthal with his ex-wife, Danica Patrick

Their love story reads like a plot out of a Hollywood film and the fact that truth is sometimes stranger than fiction was further established when Danica and Paul Edward Hospenthal fell in love while they worked together on her recovery. Their relationship eventually led to a marriage in 2005, with the couple getting married in a private ceremony in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Danica Patrick, at the time, was in the active phase of a career that has established her as the most successful female American open-wheel professional racing driver in history, she was also 17 years younger than Paul Edward Hospenthal; yet the two of them were able to build a marital life for eight years until their differences became insurmountable.

The marriage came to a sad end in 2013 after Danica Patrick was rumored to be cheating on Paul Edward with a fellow professional driver, Rick Stenhouse Jr. The growing rumors and eventual confirmation led to a divorce of the eight-year-old marriage. While they were married to each other, Danica and Paul Edward never had children.

Danica Patrick continued her relationship with Rick Stenhouse after the marriage ended, dating the race car driver for five years before they broke up. She is currently dating Aaron Rodgers, a football player. However, since the marriage ended, much has not been heard from Paul Edward Hospenthal in terms of his relationships.

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Paul Edward Hospenthal’s Height & Weight

Paul Edward Hospenthal may not be an athlete but he does have the physique of one, particularly through his height which stands at 5 feet 10 inches. He also has a recorded bodyweight of 75kg. Additionally, a closer look at him reveals features like dark brown eyes and brown hair.

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