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Paul Abrahamian is an American TV personality who has been hailed as one of the truly fascinating faces on reality TV. Abrahamian has always managed to attract attention wherever he goes and he does this many times just by the way he looks. With his long, well-groomed beard and with the tattoos plastered across his body, Abrahamian has won many fans, especially the female admirers, to himself over the years.

The TV personality is also a good dresser and a clothing designer good at his job. As a reality star, he is now best known for his appearances on the popular reality TV show, Big Brother.

Who is Paul Abrahamian?

Paul Abrahamian was born on the 13th day of June 1993 in Tarzana, a town located in the city of Los Angeles, California. According to reports, he grew up in Tarzana and showed signs of brilliance early on in his life.

Hungry for some education, the TV personality bagged a degree in Philosophy from the Pepperdine University, an institution located in Malibu, California. Records of his elementary or high school institutions are not known.

Career Achievements

Abrahamian had taken interest in music since he was a little chap and, as he got older, he decided to find an avenue for the expression of his passion by forming a band with his friends which they named Reviver. The band started performing around New York and got quite a following around the city. They were also very popular on social media. Abrahamian did not sing with the group; he was a guitarist and was dexterous with his instrument.

During this time, Abrahamian also became a model and started to properly groom his fascinating beard which has caught the attention of many people over the years. As a model, he worked for different brands and even managed to land on the popular beard magazine, TheBeadMag in which he talked about his aspirations and his band.

Being a sharp dresser who carefully takes note of his appearances in public, Abrahamian became a clothing designer and went on to develop his own clothing line which he called DeadSkull Apparel. The clothing line has become quite popular.

Stints With Big Brother

Paul Abrahamian broke into the limelight and gained massive fame in 2016 when featured on the very popular reality TV show, Big Brother. He became one of the most talked about contestants on the show because he was very outspoken and loud. He was also very controversial and super-energetic. His actions in the house were unbearable for some of his housemates who were greatly pissed off by him. However, the viewers really enjoyed his actions which many described as ‘very entertaining’.

At the end of the show, he emerged runner-up and went home with the accompanying prize. However, because he was so popular during his first season in the house, he was called back for a second season and ended it as the runner-up for the second time. This feat made him the first person to ever reach the final two of the Big Brother reality TV show without winning the competition.

Paul Abrahamian
Paul Abrahamian and Christmas Abbott in the Big Brother house

In total, Paul Abrahamian appeared in as many as five consecutive seasons of Big Brother; he made two appearances in the parent series and then appeared three times in spin-offs which have further endeared him to the public. Having appeared in 5 Big Brother seasons, Abrahamian now holds the record for the most time a person has appeared on the show.

Who is Paul Abrahamian’s Girlfriend?

According to reports, Paul Abrahamian used to be in love with Oana Gregory, an American-Romanian actress who has featured in movies like Spork and A Christmas Switch. The couple was reported to have dated for about a year before going their separate ways.

After his affair with Oana, Abrahamian has not been reported in love with another woman. However, he was romantically linked with Christmas Abbott who happens to be his fellow Big Brother contestant. Rumors about them being a thing started when the pair began to get very close to each other during their time in the Big Brother House. However, none of them has confirmed their romance.

At the moment, it is safe to say that Paul Abrahamian is currently a single man focused on his business.

His Net Worth

Being a man who is business savvy and focused on building a great life for himself, Abrahamian is expected to have made a fortune for himself over time, He has been a model and has worked with brands who wanted to use his bearded face in their campaigns. He has also appeared in Big Brother, emerging runner-up twice and winning prices. In addition to all this, he has his own clothing line which is doing quite well in the market. All these have fetched him some wealth over the years. At the moment, Abrahamian’s net worth has been pegged at $1 million by celebrity wealth calculators.

How Tall is He?

Abrahamian is admired for his charming good looks and sharp appearances. He is also hailed for having a great dress sense and carriage. His head is always raised high with confidence when on red carpets and in other public events. The reality TV star is of average height and stands at 5 feet 7 inches tall.

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Paul Abrahamian Family Facts 

Very little details are available about the identity of Paul Abrahamian’s parents. Some reports have indicated that his mother’s name is Margaret Abrahamian. However, his father’s name is still not known. Even though he is obviously an American, reports have shown that Abrahamian also has Armenian and Russian roots. Apparently, this means that one or both of his parents are not fully Americans but are of mixed ethnicity.

Also, there are no details to decide if he is an only child or if he has siblings. That part of is life is hidden at the moment. However, Paul Abrahamian has once displayed a photo of his nephew on his Instagram, showing how much he values extended family relationships.

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